3 Reasons Why You Should Go To A Small Church

Much too often people are afraid to go to a small church. Those little units of lovers of God who try to build up a community of followers of Christ do face the difficulty not finding people who dare to come to join them, because those looking for a church are afraid there would be not enough people in that small community and then they will be on their own or being noticed, which frightens them.

Because of that deterrence of the small number it is oh so difficult for small churches to grow.
In our age of consumption, high tech and artificial social friends, many are afraid of intimate fellowship with one another.
The requirement of humble confession, sacrifice of time and money, and sincerity of heart is something with does not attract the present generations. Also the fear of having to do something is something which hinders their going to a small church. In a big church they can go up in the smoke of multitude.

It is high time that people come to see again the core values of our society and come to recognise the real needs of man to find stability, luck, happiness and good hope for a better future.


To remember

attending a small church will more consistently grow God’s children into spiritual maturity

passion + drive for God + His people in obedience = deciding factor in where that church goes and what it does

  1. Discipleship = chief command

God’s intent concerning discipleship requires intimate fellowship with one another + humble confession, sacrifice of time, money, + sincerity of heart

discipleship = very point that the church exists

  1. You will likely have a relationship with your senior pastor at a small church.

sheep + shepherd > pastor + church members

relationship with every church member

  1. Small churches offer more opportunity to use your gifting.

ministry programs > confined to smaller settings like “life groups” or other member initiated functions

teaching, counseling, praying, + ministering in a corporate setting > to rely on members to help with ministry needs

not being able to afford more staff = a blessing => forces ordinary men + women to help => rolls the gears of spiritual maturity in their hearts

goal of church =  to mature spiritually

people to wonder where we have been if we have been absent from church + people to come visit us during hard times + people to intercede for us in our time of need and plenty


  • spiritual authority over our lives to guide us toward righteousness
  • accountability
  • encouragement
  • someone to realize our potential


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First World Revival

3 Reasons Why You Should Go To A Small Church

Before you go on assuming please know that I have nothing personal against the contemporary “mega-church” movement but I do think that attending a small church will more consistently grow God’s children into spiritual maturity. I also want to say that I admire and receive quite frequently from various mega-church leaders and have no qualm with many of them theologically. I have many friends and family who happily attend larger churches and have visited a lot of them myself. I also want to add that no matter how big the church is, the passion and drive it has for God and his people in obedience will ultimately be the deciding factor in where that church goes and what it does, not necessarily its size. Now that I have all of my disclaimers beside me let me explain why I think…

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