Is your church small?

In our precious postings we showed the dangers of a small faith community. Not only are there the frustrations when no growth seems to come unto them and when they see how some denominations may get mega churches, whilst they have to do with just a few people, often not enough to bear the costs of the working of the ecclesia. But we also may not forget the danger of seclusion and/or separation.

Having a small mindset may also take the fertile soil away and overshadow the growing chances.

How small we may be it is difficult to trust the calling of God. In Him we should trust and have patience, that everything shall turn out like He wants it. That is what we should hope for.

In the mean time we should join hands and go out in the world spreading the Good News of the coming Kingdom of God.

Instead of focussing on the big or mega churches we should focus on the works of Christ and his heavenly Father, the Only One God.  To this God we should regularly pray in unity for spiritual fruit to remain in our lives from the preached Word because by attending to His Word, our Lord…

  • Enlightens, convinces, and humbles sinners.
  • Drives us out of ourselves, and draws us to Himself.
  • Conforms us to His image,
  • Builds us up in His grace,
  • Strengthens us against temptations and corruptions,
  • And establishes our hearts in holiness and encouragement.


To remember:

80% of the churches in Pastor Kemp his denomination are small churches

majority of all churches in America are small

“Small” is relative

real danger with being small = to have a small mindset

Mother Teresa was small > not small in her mind and in her faith

John the Baptist + Jesus were small > no budget, no wardrobe, and no connections at headquarters, but had message and  passion + crowds were flocking to them in the wilderness, small villages, countryside or cities

give your people good food (the Bible taught/preached clearly),

Keep them busy working on the Great Commission – starting in their own homes

love them like they are God’s gift to you,

believe you can have every reason to expect your people and ministry to grow

let God define your size + God is in it =>  little = much


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  • Mark 4:31 (NKJV) It is like a mustard seed which, when it is sown on the ground, is smaller than all the seeds on earth; 

Recently I attended a pastor’s conference where I was informed that 80% of the churches in my denomination were small churches and that the majority of all churches in America are small.

I’m not convinced. I suspect this may be a case of making statistics mean anything you want them to mean.

“Small” is relative.

For example my four-year old grandson is small compared to all human beings in the world but the final verdict concerning my grandson’s “smallness” has not been determined—give him a few more years.

My four year old grandson: David Lee--a giant in the making. My four year old grandson: David Lee–a giant in the making.

Environment matters also.

For example, put a gold-fish in an aquarium and it soon it will be the largest fish in the tank but take that…

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