Meetings or Places to come together for them that want to know Bible and want to improve as Christian.

One of the meetingrooms at the ecclesia Leuven
CBM meeting in één van de vergaderzalen van de Leuvense ecclesia – CBM meeting in one of the meeting rooms of the Leuven ecclesia

In Belgium the Brethren in Christ or Brothers and sisters in Christ come together at regular times at

When no other notice is given, the service normally takes place at

1. The ‘ Aire d’Orival’ Total Nivelles (E19), Hameau du Bois du Sépulchre,at the Roadway Carestel restaurant of the Total service station in Nijvel/Nivelles on the E19 Brussels-Mons-Paris Motorway.

2. The Texaco filling station at the  E40 BrusselsLiège, Heverlee, Leuven to remember the Last supper and to have a Memorial Meal or Breaking of the bread.

A nice place where we can be followers of Christ and enjoy God’s Word in peace, making church, though the meeting place not having such name “Church”, but in Heverlee-Leuven being called the “Quiz’inn”, in Nivelles called the “Service Station” and in Mons “At Steve’s”.

3. On Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning or afternoon in Tervuren at the Warande.

For the time and places of the meetings you best consult regularly the Calendar.

Only baptised brethren and sisters can make use of the symbols at the Memorial service or the Breaking of the Bread, but everyone who would like to join the memory time is welcome to share the times of prayer and of thoughts and prayers and can follow the service actively.

Besides the open spaces of the filling station, like the cafeteria and restaurant, we also sometimes use their meeting Room, at the side of the direction Liège-Brussels.
For meetings in the centre of Brussels we use some restaurants and meeting spaces or conference rooms of some hotels.

For our meetings it is important that there is beside the accessibility also easiness to come together and to find an occasion to have a pleasant service.

We admit that it would also be fine if we could in Belgium also have a specific spot of our own, but for that we have still no financial possibilities. That is, however a pity, because just because we have no own specific place we are a lot limited in commissioning people. Our own ecclesia hall would make it possible that everyone could find our gathering space on the same spot without being inferred by others. People then would able to meet us there also without engagements and could come to look us up on fixed certain days. Also would this give us that the occasion to give regularly our course of reading the Bible effectively so that people could come to know how it could be best to read the Bible and how it comes that so many things became crooked and why the Bible is so much loved as well as hated by a lots of people, but currently still can be a good guiding principle for us.

Ecclesia Brussel-Leuven

In Belgium, there are not many baptised Christadelphians. We must also admit that there are not many people members or that have registered themselves to keep informed of our activities. In Belgium we were still standing in the children shoes at the end of last century. In a way, we still live our early baby years.

In Belgium one contemplates Church as a large establishment of the Catholic Church. But we are not involved with such role partitioning grouped organisation where different sister organisations ensure that the money continues to roll to supply the executive priests.

Our community can as those of the most Bijbelonderzoekers or Bible Research Workers or Bible Students not have the programmes that large or mega churches have, but we are convinced that our church community can offer that what is most important. We have a passion for the lord, have chosen for God, and have friendship for each other.
The love which we try to preach for Christ we also try to put in to loving actions. In that solidarity with Christ lays entity of Church. We have a passion for Children of God and for those that search to come to a deeper relation with God, his son Jesus and with eachother. As well as we continue to starve for God whose Plan or Designwe try to get to be known to as much people possible. We dare  to be consciously of each other’s and our lacks, but try to exceed those by together trying to help at to grow and to become one and as a Christ in union with God.

As an open group we try to take care of the individuals enabling them to feel recognised, included, accepted and to belong to our group, allowed to keep their own personality, taking time to grow in the knowledge of the Word and the Will of God. Everyone who is interested we want to offer the necessary appliances to be able to develop mentally further. Everyone is invited to share their experiences with us by telling their tale.

Such as you already got to know from the text above was possible by taking the opportunity wherever we can to come together and to share our beliefs. Those gathering places do have nothing in common with the standard known places where members of a church congregation meet. Our congregations meet in places having nothing in comparison with what many in these regions expect of church buildings. Our ‘churches’ we do prefer to call them ‘ecclesiae’ (singular: ecclesia) have no buildings with peak towering.

Heverlee Lambertus C
Lambertus Church in Heverlee

Each ecclesia can choose where they come together, and every space, in the open air or in a private or public building can be used. We do prefer not too large buildings where everybody can be hidden in the space or where one can have the liability to sit at the side. But we want to find people sitting close to each other, finding themselves feeling linked or united in the same hope and persuaded that the redeeming or ransom has been paid by of the Peace Offering, Christ Jesus the Messiah brought to his Father.

We hope that those who come to the meeting would not mind opening their mouth. They should be at ease, feeling that it can be cosy as at home. With a drink and something small to eat we together want forming a community in Christ, where everyone can feel at home. Big or small, trained or unqualified, white or black, rich or poor, everyone should be able to  feel him or herself on equal foot and willing to be heard, bringing also their own input in the community. Everyone can, however, find something where he or she can in excel and which can be useful to the complete community.

One of the meetingrooms at the ecclesia Leuven
CBM meeting in één van de vergaderzalen van de Leuvense ecclesia – CBM meeting in the ecclesia Leuven

We want create a place where everyone can encourage each other, exhort each other, stimulate each other to love and sense the obligation with Christ at each other. A place where everyone can share their love of Christ and being a Christian, as followers of Christ doing good, praising God, spreading the Good News and  looking forward to the Kingdom of God.
We want to observe on the occasion how the other has encountered something in their life and how they manage to serve God. We want succeed the council of the apostle Paul who wrote:

“Also, may we show consideration to one another, stirring up like a fire among ourselves compassionate affection and good works. May we not quit our assembling together in meetings as is the custom of some persons. Rather, continue to be encouraging, and so much more as you behold the Day drawing closer.” (Hebrews 10:24-25 MHM)

We do try to be inventive in the way where and how we meet.  At our meetings we try to be concerned for one another, to help one another to show love and to do well.

Today we dare to ask you not to give up the habit of meeting together or not to forsake assembling, as some are doing. Instead, let us encourage one another all the more, since you see that the Day of the Lord is coming nearer. As the big Day is approaching it shall be even more important to feel the unity of the real Christians, those who want to follow Christ Jesus sincerely.

“In order that none of you be deceived by sin and become stubborn, you must help one another every day, as long as the word “Today” in the scripture applies to us.” (Hebrews 3:13 GNBE)

Let us share the Work for God and show to others that we know for sure that every man’s work will be made clear in the End day, because it will be tested by a lot of tribulations; and the fire itself will make clear the quality of every man’s work.

“Each one’s work will become manifest, for the Day will make it clear, because it will be revealed by fire. The Fire itself will test each one’s type of work.” (1 Corinthians 3:13 MHM)

Christadelphia in the World

As adherents or followers of Christ, forming his town or city Christadelphia we are happy to spend our time in learning from the writings of the prophets and the apostles, taking part in the fellowship, and sharing in the fellowship meals and the prayers. (Acts 2:42)

Because there would be depraved denominations or churches that have, this would not have to mean that that all those people would be contemptible. Undoubtedly there in those municipalities or parishes there are still people who persisted in the belief and if they would not have been without hope like us would not be able to return with others and come to the One Truth.

Thanks to the mercy of Christ and mercy of God we can, if we wish, enjoy peace and find partners who are of that body of Christ that realm is to mixture. The son of God gave himself for all people. Jesus Christ gave his life as a large victim, a ransom sacrifice for our all. To what extent do we have to feel more favour than another one? Everyone, whom Jesus wants to accept him as promised Redeemer, makes as much chance to receive mercy and to receive propitiation for all the wrongdoings. It is not we that have to judge somebody else, but it has been given to Christ to judge the living and the death. We must always be of the grace given unto us but that the mercy of Christ or our baptism does not give us a free way to continue our former life or gives us the possibility to go further against the orders of God.

As “Nieuwgeborenen” or “wedergeborenen”, newborn or reborn we really do have to make an attempt to do as much good as we can and to make an attempt to adapt to the conformation of Christ. We must try to pursuit as much as possible to resemble him. At our gatherings we work to that use. Because this is not something which shall be able to be realised in a one-off event. There must be worked regularly for. As well as we must involve others there at and make them partners of our Christian life by sharing our love with them. Constantly we must see on it for our protection and for the destiny of the others making the correct choices and remaining together on the straight path. We must look out for the tricks of the others and for false use of traditions or remained operations. We must pay attention there for not to become slave of those traditions or cultural uses. In the spirit of gentleness we must bring others to search and to serve no other god than the Only One Elohim Jehovah God to make the correct choices to perform further correct steps.

Our open services are also available for you. Let us together set off.  Do dare to come along. There is more to life that do as you would be done by. Think about what your Creator wishes to see from you and us. Let us meet. Do not be afraid to come to a meeting and let we dare to talk together concerning the Word of God.

Christadelphian Ecclesia


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