Overcome division with core values

Whatever the size of the faith community, those coming together should share the Good News and not bear pessimism in their hearts. Certainly small churches easily can be infected by the virus of jealousy looking at the bigger churches.

Church people should be positive believers because they should bear the hope of salvation. They are supposed to see the best in people and situations, trusting that Christ turning all things to good.

When looking to much to others, seeing those big communities, the smaller ones can get discouraged and loose track of the positive path they can follow sharing the love of Christ in the intimacy of the small community.

Being part of the body of Christ we all should feel united with each other and should trust God that He knows best what is good for us and how we can grow. We need patience and should have faith in what happens. We must not try to hasten things. We have to let the events like they come in their due time. No matter what happens we know Christ has us in his righteous right hand.

As a community we should also be very careful not to exclude ourselves from others and should reach out our hand to other brothers and sisters in Christ, willing to share the love of Christ with as many people as possible.

It is when that sharing love and feeling of equality is not there that division can come. It is when the own selfish personality stands in the way that conflicts shall arise and division can occur.

Faith, and the nurturing of faith, are relational endeavours. Relationships aren’t mass-produced.

In the Church of God there is no place for people looking down on others. In the Body of Christ all members, how different they may be, have all to feel united in Christ, willing to help each other in the progress of developing Bible knowledge and making church.


To remember:

  • parties to a conflict must share larger or ultimate values in common to resolve their differences
  • differences in giftedness + differences of opinion on debatable matters => disrupt unity =>  effecting areas of service
  •  two guiding principles require a shared attitude for all believers in all Churches at all times.
  • Church leaders = protectors of unity to practice and to hold people accountable to these guiding attitudes
  • not think of yourself more highly than you ought
  • Practice the core value together with one voice…




Is your church small?

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Conflict management 101

“Virtually all theorists of conflict management agree that parties to a conflict must share larger or ultimate values in common as a basis on which to resolve their differences.”  (Hugh Halverstadt, Managing Church Conflictp. 212).

Two important examples

Two areas that significantly disrupt unity are differences in giftedness effecting areas of service and differences of opinion on debatable matters.

  • The apostle Paul addressed both of these in the NT book of Romans and then provided a larger or ultimate value to protect each area from becoming a source of conflict.
  • The two guiding principles require a shared attitude for all believers in all Churches at all times.
  • It is especially the responsibility of Church leaders (as protectors of unity) to practice and to hold people accountable to these guiding attitudes (see: Acts 20:28; Ephesians 4:3; Romans 16:17-18; Jude 16).
  1. Romans 12:3 Guiding attitude for…

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13 thoughts on “Overcome division with core values

  1. […] To be able to grow I believe we may not exclude us from the world. An isolation from the world may perhaps protect us from defilement or some bad things entering our community but shall also impede others to come to get to know us or to come to visit our community. We should open our doors to welcome others who are looking or who have questions about faith, but also should have an eye for others in the Body in Christ and see what problems they might have and what for solutions they are looking for and also are finding so. The brothers and sisters in Christ like any other person in this world needs  companionship and comradery but should also feel they are not alone in their and my faith. They like in many more faith groups in christianity they should Overcome division with core values. […]


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