Four Pressing Needs in Rural Communities, and How the Church Should Respond

In our expanding world people having to find places where they can find enough work to provide for a sufficient income, people may find different denominations they originally grew up in. In the wealthy countries many extended families today are scattered among different congregations, some in different states, provinces or on different sides of the country. For some folks the family tradition may be the bound which is going strong and keeping them to enjoy traditional church festivities.

Though going to different churches some do not see that they all may be part of the same Body of Christ, which is much more important than being a member of the same parish or church. In some rural communities we may find people who might have different ideas and different ways of having a church service , but doing it at the same place at different hours. In the USA we still can see some examples of this. But in Western Europe many believers see an other church as a competitor who has to be done away with. Or many are so much tempted by the materialism the consumer society is offering that for them church life is considered something dull and not worth spending time at.

Those who have their heart with Christ for the loving God should care for those around them and should try to get them in the house or temple of their body, the body of Christ. They should stuck it out through the lean times, when it would have been easy to leave for the greener pastures of a more successful church.

Though not being part of a big church the ones having the opportunity of sharing their love in the intimacy of a small church, should be pleased that they may take time to be close and willing to share with each other the bible knowledge. They should appreciate it that they have the opportunity to build up each other. Luckily we can find small groups who have continued in the tradition of the first Christians, who have stayed and done the everyday work of keeping the church going in the bustling times as well as the leaner days now.


To remember

needs in rural communities

  1. need for technology + infrastructure.
  1. need for sustainability.
    rural communities > better positioned to lead on the issue of sustainability than urban ones
  1. need for social services.
    lagging economies + outdated technology + infrastructure => fewer stable jobs
    facing emergencies or crisis in rural counties = fewer agencies to turn to for assistance than urban counterparts.
    church help bring awareness to the issue of rural homelessness
  1. need for partnering with other organizations.
    when we work together in ministry, all of our churches are stronger


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