Nanaimo Ecclesia, Canada

The  Nanaimo Ecclesia, Canada due to uncertain family travel and vacation arrangements by their small membership, they have, with regret, decided to suspend their regularly scheduled breaking of bread at their ecclesial hall from July 31 – September 4 inclusive. Any visitors in their area at that time who wish to do so may be able to break bread by arrangement using the contact information in the CALS diary, or the notice on the hall door.

The elders of the ecclesia their thanks go out to the brethren from near and far who have given us exhortational support over this past year. They include Horace Macpherson, Joe Myren, Peter Lawrence, Clive Daniel, Bob Stodel and Jonah Knorr from the Victoria ecclesia, Dave Snobelen from the Saanich Peninsula ecclesia, Jim Hestermann from Maple Ridge, Shaun Budden, Art Bull and /Dan Orsetti from Vancouver, and Graeme Alexander from the Seattle ecclesia.

NanaimoOnce again we would encourage anyone contemplating moving to the West Coast of Canada to consider the Nanaimo area which offers a temperate climate, but with snow covered mountains, reasonably priced real estate, and waterfront activities in a smaller city offering big city amenities.

The largest island off W North America, SW British Columbia, Canada, in the Pacific Ocean is a central location for many vacation activities. The Pacific coastline is deeply indented by numerous fjords and inlets. The island has a mild humid climate.
There are many lakes and streams but no navigable rivers. The island is heavily forested, and lumbering and wood processing are major industries. Vancouver Island is underlaid by a mineral-rich batholith, from which iron, copper, and gold are mined. Coal is extracted from a depression at the edge of the batholith; the mines at Nanaimo provide most of the coal for British Columbia.

The Nanaimo ecclesia is blessed with their own easily kept and accessible hall. For further information, please call, or e-mail Tom Alexander.

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