The Big Conversation UK 2016

Last year there was a huge turn out to last year’s Big Conversation. On
Saturday 15th October a second event will focus on sharing feedback and experiences since last October.

How have the small conversations gone? How were the briefing packs used? What has been tried? What has been learnt? What can be shared? What next?

The organisers need your feedback, so if you have something to share, they’d love to hear from you. Please email an overview to or contact any of them listed below.

Please put the date in your diary and pray for God’s blessing on our discussions and the future of God’s work in the UK.

Any questions or comments to

You may also contact: Mick & Mary Roberts, Jon & Helen Downes, Phil & Kate Lawrence


Preceding articles:

Reasons to come together

The Big Conversation

The Big Conversation follow up

The Big conversation – Antagonists

Having a small church mentality

Reasons why you may not miss the opportunity to go to a Small Church

Engaging the culture without losing the gospel

Evangelisation, local preaching opposite overseas evangelism

Feeling-good, search for happiness and the church

Members of the ecclesia uniting and seeking God’s help in tribulation

Why we do not have our worship-services in a church building

The Big conversation – Recognition and refocus

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