Helping eachother

No matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here.

As Christadelphians or  Brothers and Sisters in Christ we follow Jesus Christ the Messiah, Jeshua the man from Nazareth who gave his life for everybody in the world. He ordered his disciples to go out in the world and to preach the Good News. As such we would like to bring Glad Tidings to everybody no matter what they believe or to which religion they may belong.

Everybody is welcome here and is invited to join a debate when questions arise by a certain article. So when an article confuses you or brings up questions, or you would like to add something, please do feel free to do so.

All together to study the Bible, the Word of God

Christadelphians are a multi-racial, multi-cultural, open and affirming a bunch of people and their ecclesiae or meeting points are accessible to all. As Christians, we do want to be open-minded and welcome any stranger, to listen to what he has to tell and to hear the whereabouts he or she has problems. We want to reach out to everybody around us and would like to invite them to get to know the Word of God brought to us by the Bible. We insist that God’s table is open, not closed, and that everybody is able to get to know God’s gift. We would like to offer everybody the opportunity to be part of those who are saved and enjoy the love of the Most High.

We advocate justice for all as an extension and expression of faith. We want to strive to a more just, peaceful and compassionate world that honours all of God’s creation. To be able to do this we would like to get others aware of the fact that we do take everybody in mind and respect all humans, but also all animals and plants, the whole world, the whole creation. Making everybody aware of that needed respect we can help each other to grow in a better world.

We are open to new ways of being church and forming Christian community. Each Christadelphian ecclesia has its own entity and perhaps can have its own rules and regulations. They are not bounded to a governing body, because for them there is only one Master over them and that is Jesus Christ, who is their King, High Priest and Master Teacher. We all only want to follow the teachings of the Bible and do not take worldly leaders to follow or honour. Everybody in the Christadelphian community is of equal value. Nobody is placed higher than somebody else. Everybody in the community should be there for everybody, trying to help to progress their neighbour and friend.

We affirm that cultural differences expand our ability to welcome more people. Not one person is the same. This diversity makes the world so colourful and worthwhile.  By accepting the different characters and taking each person for what he or she is, willing to communicate with them and share precious time with them, we can find pleasure in helping each other wherever we can.

We strive to keep our perspective global in our partnership with people of faith around the world and as such are members of Christadelphia or the City of Christ, the worldwide Association of Christadelphians and are connected with the Christadelphian Bible Mission or CBM.

Coming together regularly we can hear how everybody is going in this world and can hear soon enough about the needs. We can come together to pray regularly for a missionary, study globalisation or plan a People-to-People group mission trip. But in the western world preaching is also urgently needed. By studying the Word of God with others we can help each other to grow in that Word and to get more insight.

We encourage you to make the decision to put a foot forward and take a step into world mission and to be aware of spreading the life-changing Good News everywhere in the world, also very close at home. If you do not have enough time you could always help others to do the job, by providing them with the means to succeed in their preaching.

To proclaim the Word of God and bring the Good News of the Coming Kingdom of God we need resources, use pamphlets and other printed material. All that preaching work brings also costs with it (internet, webspace, printing, copyrights, etc.) In case you can provide help in such a matter, offering your services as writer, designer, printer, cleaner, cook, or whatsoever you are welcome to help out and make the spreading of the Glad Tidings easier.

To help us spread the Word of God you always can help us by taking care that more people get to know us.
You can help us by coming to visit our webpages regularly or even subscribing to them. In case you like an article you can bring it to attention to others by clicking the “Like” button or by sharing it on your social networks. Underneath the article you can find “Share” buttons for many platforms. By referring to our articles on your social networks you can help us to become better known and to support us in our work to spread the Word of God. As such you shall be able to have others a glimpse of what is written in the Holy Scriptures and get them reading the Bible on more regular times.
You also can write your own articles and refer to ours, opening lines to discuss on your own and our websites. You can use oral advertising in your own community and use our texts as a starter or a way to discuss the matter in your community. As such you can help them to grow by using thoughts of others mixed with your and their thoughts.

You may help us to help you.

  •  By getting to know us better and by daring to ask us questions or to give answers on questions or reactions posed on our writings.
  • Through reading our many publications and to think about them.
  • By proposing things and by giving us some advice or council.
  • By giving us a hand and helping out in the many things to do in a community.
  • By proposing and/or by helping with our projects. To set and to go for it.
  • By coming to visit us at our ecclesia.
  • By starting yourself, with our help, a house church. By letting to advise you to start off an ecclesia at your home you shall be able to create an other pasture to have people to come and read the Bible together.
  • By bringing home the church with you, you will bring men up to the housechurch and let God enter in their souls; enabling to feed you all with spiritual food.
  • By daring to let others inspire you and you inspiring them. By working together as followers of Christ and not working against each other.
  • By knowing  that you are not alone in believing in a future, daring to bound yourself in the Unity in Christ wanting to accept that each man is different but part of that unity.
  • By respecting each others differences we can allow those differences give an appreciated diversity in Gods Church.
  • By realizing that we all have our worldly obligations to the authorities and civil institutions and must comply with and according to their regulations and laws and as such have to pay our taxes and expenses. (As such expenses for water, gas, electricity, paper, ink and other office articles, web provision, copyrights, etc.)
  • By understanding and that each support moral or financially shall be our welcome is and shall be supporting everybody to remain motivated and to continue to do the work in the name of Christ Jesus, the son of God, so that more people can get to know his works and the works of his Father.Moral support can be shown by not ignoring our letters and by reacting to our writings.

Donations to our community are always welcome and can be done by a money transfer by the bank or by Paypal. Your gift is needed to equip us with resources to fulfil our worldwide ministry of unity and fellowship, evangelism, relief and development, religious freedom, and theological reflection.

  1. For Paypal you can make a donation for the Belgian Christadelphians to the account of with notification of how you would like to have the contribution be used (for example: literature, publications, missionary work or preaching).
  2. You can give through one of our  bank accounts:
    • BE37 97306618 2528 BIC: ARSPBE22 with statement B Cd and mention to what you would like to have the money spent (e.g. churchwork, general costs, teaching)
    • or IBAN NL68INGB0000642973 BIC: INGBNL2A on which can be provided a taxrefund form (tax exempt status as a charity with ANBI registration) at the address of Broeders in Christus in Amersfoort, Nederland.
      Please mention Belgian Christadelphians and add the reason of payment (e.g. support Belgian Ecclesia, publications)

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