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This is a contact page with some basic contact information and a contact form.

Please be so kind when you contacted us to wait patiently for a reply. You may count on it that we shall answer you, but please give us enough time to notice your mail between the hundreds of messages we get in a day, and to reply many.

Op deze pagina kan u met ons contact opnemen. Gelieve hiervoor de nodige gegevens in te vullen en na de verzending ons voldoende tijd te gunnen om uw bericht te ontvangen en op te merken.


For remarks which may be read also by other visitors you always may react and reply to the articles themselves or give a remark or pose a question at the “About us” or “Over ons” page.

For personal messages you also may contact us at christadelphians(at) or at or come in contact via Messenger via Facebook or the hotmail address.