Only a few days left before 14 Nisan

Coronavirus on March 11 declared a global pandemic on March 31 affecting more than 177 countries.

Non-believers as well as believers in the illness, but also in the Divine Creator, are caught in their habitual movements and whereabouts. Since the request of the government to keep social distancing and to avoid groups of people gathering, we from the beginning of March did not meet any more in real life, but kept to the electronic device Hangouts, to have us all together following a Breaking of Bread.

A new gadget “Houseparty” was introduced in the middle of the month and proved to be good fun, bringing people from all over the country to see each other at 6 p.m. and in between also individually. This way there have been more contacts with certain people than before the corona crisis. In a way, the CoViD-19 pandemic brought us closer.

De Warandepoort Tervuren – Jaspers-Eyers Architects

Being a very small ecclesia, the yearly gathering on 14 Nisan with other Bible Students from this region or when in Mons, from around there, is a lovely occasion to feel united with so many. In Tervuren we are mostly around 120 believers in the Only One True God.
In Mons there are about 85 people mostly. Those gatherings with so many are then extra exciting.

For those who are not able to come on 14 Nisan when it is on a weekday, because of work or other obligations, the gathering the Sunday after is also a very nice day, even when we are then with about 45 people, to remember Jesus his sacrificial offering. It is the only occasion in the year here in Belgium that we can be with so many.
For the ecclesiae in the United Kingdom there is no such shortage. They are mostly with a multitude of our attendees.

At the moment we are not sure how we are going to solve this problem of quarantine.

Because of the present alarming CoViD-19 infection risk, we shall not be able to come together this year to have a memorial meal.

If you have any ideas about how we still might be able to make 14 Nisan, on Wednesday the 8th after sunset, a memorable night, you are welcome to let us know.


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