CSSU – New Editor needed for The Word magazine

Producing magazines is an important part of the Christadelphian Sunday School Union (CSSU) work. They have a wide range of materials for many different uses. All the lessons in the CSSU syllabus are now available in pdf format.

My Sunday School MagazineMy Sunday School MagazineTheir intention is, wherever possible, to put everything online so that anyone who wants to use it in a Sunday School or Youth Group can do so. Their magazines help our children to see they are part of a community wider than their own Sunday school, they establish links between the stories and lessons they learn through lessons and readings, and they create a self-driven interest in the puzzles and activities they contain.

My Sunday School MagazineThe CSSU produce 3 magazines, 6 times a year, to meet this need; and are looking for someone to carry on editing *The Word* magazine which is produced for children aged 11-14 and includes illustrated articles on Bible teaching, daily living, and lessons from nature, together with puzzles and stories.

If you have experience of working with children in this age group, please consider taking on this role. Ideally you’d form a small committee, between whom the jobs would be shared.
Whilst to date *The Word* has been a paper based magazine, the CSSU committee are equally happy to support an electronic version, if the new editorial team prefer to go down that route.

For more information contact Mark Duckworth (Kettering) email:wmduck4@gmail.com



To order magazines

contact Sis (Mrs) Helen Rose
Park Nook, Barkisland, Halifax, HX4 0AP.
or send her an email

A £5.00 subscription provides a copy of one magazine for a year. This covers six issues, so the cost of each magazine, including postage, is a little over 80 pence.

Magazines are distributed outside the UK only at the request of the CBM.

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