The Big Conversation

Our denomination, the same as all others in Christendom has difficulties to grow. Some ecclesiae have a status quo but there are also some who see the old people falling asleep and not many joining, making the ecclesia smaller and smaller.

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Woodcut of the Augsburg Confession, Article VII, “Of the Church”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Perhaps many may think tit does not matter so much as long as we keep our small friendly community and feel the strong bond between the present brothers and sisters.
But a community has to stay vividly alive and has to grow to continue in the future and to be prepared for the coming Kingdom. Jesus has told us we have to be ready for the end-times and as brothers and sisters should have to call as many as possible. This calling for the Kingdom of God has to be by evangelizing the Gospel of the Good News.

We must confess that we are a little-bit disappointed not to find more people willing to preach the Good News. On our call to share the Gospel and writings with us on our different platforms there were no replies at all. It is a shame that nobody wants to take time to give some little words to share with others. We also do not think it should be so difficult to give some words to encourage. Also when people do come across readings they find interesting it should be not to much asked to share them with others so that they too can read them. For that opportunity we created “From Guestwriters” so that people may find some interesting literature without loosing too much time on the internet. Every visitor on the internet who believes in God could be helpful to share writings which have something to tell about our way of life or how we should behave as Christians and how we could worship God.

We should not always look for rewards when writing or preaching. Rewards can be internal or external. Internal rewards are rewards that increase our sense of self-worth. And by preaching we when we do it sincerely may account on the appreciation by Christ Jesus for our help in the work for God, willing to be one of the many workers for Jesus and workers for God. At the end we shall be able to receive our reward from the Master. Several theories of helping agree that, in the long run, helping behaviour benefits the giver as well as the receiver. As such willing to share your words with others will also help you to grow in the love of Christ.

It would be so much more helpful when all would like to help each other to grow and wanted to share what they do find worthwhile sharing. We can not imagine when people read everyday so much words they would not be able to find some once or a few times a year to share with others.

What is lacking also today is that people are afraid to come into conversation or to be in confrontation with others. Perhaps such things have to be spoken off. Perhaps we do need to talk more about what can be said and how we can come into conversation with believers and non believers.

We notice that lots of people are busy on their own with their fingers bounded to their smart-phones, going through social media whilst they act unsociably in the circles where they are sitting, be it in restrooms, snack-bars, restaurants, public places, public transport …
They all seem to have no interest, nor time for small talk in real life time.

Together we may be tasting a great promise but is it not selfish if we do not want to share our hope in the future hope and if we do not want to share our knowledge with others?

There is not only a priority to form a loving brotherhood, we should take care that in different places all over the world there shall be formed new small groups which can sow the seed for again newer groups which can grow out to thriving ecclesiae.

We may not forget how Jesus did not want to do his own will but wanted to please God so perfectly as possible. Those who want to be followers of Christ Jesus should question themselves in what way they want to follow Jesus his way. Having decided to become a follower of Christ we do have to adapt our way of life. A Living Faith has to be seen by our manner of life.

Jeshua was a man with a special and an outstanding personality. We also should try to become a special personality in this world, not of this world but of Christ, willing to share his message with the whole world around us.

Can we not do what Jesus did?

We may not be ignorant to get but also not to give wisdom.

Let us become nothing, and Christ everything

Christadelphians are invited for a session on the necessary small talk.

On October the 10th all Christadelphians are invited to join
the Big conversation

From: Jonathan Downes Subject: The Big Conversation 10th October.

The Big Conversation. Its about small conversations!

The Big Conversation is an opportunity for brothers and sisters from UK ecclesias to share their thoughts and feelings about the future of our community in the UK and in particular, our reducing size. Does it matter? Should we do anything about it? If so what? Do you have a view? Would you like to hear the views of others? Then come to the Big Conversation.

Meeting at Dudley College there will be coffee, croissant and discussion from 8.30 am. The information sessions start at 10.00 am (Bro Mick Roberts – Introduction. Bro Jon Downes – What is happening? Bro Arne Roberts – Why it matters) followed by small facilitated break out groups, feedback and sharing.

The day will close around 5 pm.

Please bring your own lunch, teas and coffees will be available.

Hymns will be from The Christadelphian Hymnbook and unaccompanied or with piano. There will be a creche and activities for children up to about age 10, but we would appreciate knowing numbers and may need to share the work on the day, please bring (quiet!) toys and activities.

We aim to produce an outcomes document from the day and a pack to help UK ecclesias have *small conversations*.

The day has been organised by a number of brothers and sisters from UK ecclesias. Please come, and pray for Gods blessing on our discussions and the future of God’s work in the UK.
If you have any questions or comments please email thebigconversationuk (at)


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42 thoughts on “The Big Conversation

    1. This world may be full of positivism and negativism. We should know that our time on this world is limited, so why waste time on the negativism?
      No matter what happens the time stays continuing. The clock keeps ticking. Yes, our lives are on a clock. We have no idea how long we have, but we do know that our time on earth is finite. It is also interesting to realize that the words “good and evil” are charged with meaning in the Bible. and we may not be deaf for what the master teacher rabbi Jeshua demanded from his followers.

      Coming closer to the end times there is more need to bring the Gospel of the coming Kingdom. Out of love we should be willing to share as much as possible.


  1. It is high time the Christadelphian community starts looking it its own heart and considers if they should do not much more to come out in the world, letting others know what they believe and where they stand for.

    Those who love the Most High Creator and the one He has sent to the world should all be unified, without subjugating to one notion or another of uniformity.

    Even God’s people has much forgotten about the relationship they should have and create with the rest of their Elohim. Jews are as guilty to the abandoning of the perseverance of mother earth as Christians and Muslims.

    Like the Jewish people the meaning of the Torah is wandering throughout history. all those who love the Most High Almighty should make more work of it to have others getting to know what our responsibility in this world is.
    Therefore we need much more preaching and the internet is an ideal tool much more believers in God should make use of it.


  2. Lots of Christadelphians should learn to be more open to people not of their faith and should let them know much more what Christadelphians believe and what they do to worship God.

    It would be much better for that small community of believers if they would do more activities for the general public and would announce their events more publicly, by press notices, by leaflets in the mailboxes of people living in the surroundings, etc.

    For too long the Christadelphian community left their life unknown to others. they should be much more forthcoming to let others come to know and see how they are a living contemporary society having their heart on the right place, wanting to have Jesus Christ as the cornerstone of their community, wishing only to worship the One True God.


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