Positive Preaching Day 2015

We, personally do find Christadelphians should be more willing to come forth to the general public and should preach more. We also find it frustrating that at our call for writers for our lifestyle magazines Stepping toes and From Guestwriters we did have no response at all. Nobody replied and nobody came forward to share some of their writings or to share some of the writings they found interesting. Though we do find it strange that contemporary people who so much read on the internet do not come across worthwhile literature and are not willing to share it with others at the readers digest magazine From Guestwriters.

Much more Christadelphians should try to come in contact with non-Christadelphians and even more with non-believers. Therefore they should be willing to set aside their own ‘Christadelphian language’ and speak in a language others can understand and refer to their own environment. Best is also to be willing to talk about subjects which others may interest and to meet them with the idea that they have no knowledge about the Bible at all (because the majority has no knowledge of the Holy Scriptures).

We announced Saturday October the 10th meeting “The Big Conversation. Its about small conversations!” were Christadelphian people came together to speak about the future of our community in the UK and in particular, our reducing size.

People are also requested to join the Solihull & Southport community for another uplifting day of sharing and encouragement in how we engage those around us with God’s message of hope.

This year there will be parallel linked events running at Solihull meeting room (organised by Jonathan Downes) and at Southport meeting room (organised by Andrew Fenner).

The morning sessions will be broadcast from Solihull with the discussions taking place locally. Catering arrangements haven’t been finalised yet for Southport, so bring a packed lunch!

You are invited to join our fellow believers for the “Positive Preaching Day 2015”. Together you may think about the importance of preaching.

Deutsch: Martin Luther als Prediger Predella d...
Martin Luther als Prediger Predella des Cranach Altars in der Stadtkirche St. Marien der Lutherstadt Wittenberg 1547 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Too many Christians do forget the task Jesus has given his followers, to out and to tell the Good News of the coming Kingdom of God. Many years ago we could find people who were willing to go out on the streets to give leaflets out and to witness, but today not many our found who will be willing to share openly what they believe. Lots of people are afraid to tell in public what they believe and how they want to serve Christ and worship the Only One True God, Jehovah.

We may underestimate the importance of preaching and should be strong and courageous enough not to mind showing our faith and be willing to publicly announce our believes.

Please consider thinking about this need of preaching and make your Day of preaching not just one little moment of thought but an ongoing celebration for the Word of God.


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17 thoughts on “Positive Preaching Day 2015

  1. Thousands of years after the Books of Wisdom were written many have forgotten their existence. For the other books of the Holy Scripture it is as bad and for many it is still critical to maintain Torah at the centre of their national consciousness.

    Those who love the Most High Creator and the one He has sent to the world should all be unified, without subjugating to one notion or another of uniformity.

    Even God’s people has much forgotten about the relationship they should have and create with the rest of their Elohim. Jews are as guilty to the abandoning of the perseverance of mother earth as Christians and Muslims.

    Like the Jewish people the meaning of the Torah is wandering throughout history. All those who love the Most High Almighty should make more work of it to have others getting to know what our responsibility in this world is.
    Therefore we need much more preaching and the internet is an ideal tool much more believers in God should make use of it.


  2. This world may be full of positivism and negativism. We should know that our time on this world is limited, so why waste time on the negativism?
    No matter what happens the time stays continuing. The clock keeps ticking. Yes, our lives are on a clock. We have no idea how long we have, but we do know that our time on earth is finite. It is also interesting to realize that the words “good and evil” are charged with meaning in the Bible. and we may not be deaf for what the master teacher rabbi Jeshua demanded from his followers.

    Coming closer to the end times there is more need to bring the Gospel of the coming Kingdom. Out of love we should be willing to share as much as possible.

    Many more Christians should show that they love the others, even when they do not like God. We should be there fro them to help them to make the best of their life and to try to get them on the right path to the One and Only True God.

    Let us join forces and let us share our writings as much as we can.


  3. We can only hope more Christadelphians would become aware of the need to show others that they are a living community of worshippers of the Only One true God, who want to welcome others as their brothers and sisters in the love of Christ.

    Much more a positive attitude should be taken respecting those who believe otherwise and trying to help those who are looking for answers.

    We all should make more use of occasional witnessing. By our attitude and example we all should show who we follow and when questioned about certain aspects we should not mind to quote the Bible or refer to God’s Word and to what God expects from us.


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