Today’s thought “Thoughts by Psalm 78” (February 14)

Today we read and listen to a contemplative song of Asaph, where he asks his people to listen to his teaching. He asks them to soak up every word of what he is about to tell them. (Psalm 78:1)

Like the prophet Jesus, he also speaks in parables. Like the Nazarene master teacher, he too speaks of ancient mysteries — things that his people had heard about, things that they had known. As in other Old Testament writings, we can find the person speaking about things which their ancestors declared to their people again and again and up until now is also given from one generation to the next. (Psalm 78:3)

What is being said in this Psalm, is also very important for our generation, i.e. for us. We also must take care not to keep our knowledge about the Word of God for ourselves, or the prophecies and the kingdom message hidden or secret from our children. Rather, we have to tell the coming generation all about the praise that is due to the Eternal One. Telling to the next generation the praises of Adonai and His strength, power, and the wonders He has done. (Psalm 78:4)

Many people have forgotten the deeds of the Highest. It is now up to us, to remember them. As in the past, today we see many who are not loyal to their covenant with God. We can find lots of people who turned away and refused to walk in the ordinances of God. (Psalm 78:10-11)
Also, today we can find lots of people who love to test God in their stubborn hearts. Today there are also many who like to challenge God. (Psalm 78:18-19)

Let us always remember that the Elohim Hashem Jehovah is the Most High, and was the Rock and Redeemer of the People of Israel. (Psalm 78:35) Even when they were not consistently faithful to Him, and several times they were untrue to their covenant with Him. (Psalm 78:37) Yet by His great compassion, God was always ready to come close to them and to help them. He forgave them more than once, and decided not to put an end to them. Most of the time, He held back His anger and did not unleash His wrath against them. (Psalm 78:38)
God, being the Source of compassion and loving-kindness, is also willing to forgive our wickedness when we want to come to Him as His children.

God guided His people like sheep to safety and led them like a flock into the desert to freedom,
to take them on a safe route so that they would not be afraid, allowing their enemies not harming them. In the same way, God is willing to guide us so that we can build up our life honourably. (Psalm 78:53)

God led them to His sacred land — to this holy hill (mount Zion), which He had won by the power of His right hand. (Psalm 78:54)

After God had seen how certain people ignored His wishes, God chose the tribe of Judah and Mount Zion [the location of the Temple] and had a Temple [sanctuary; Holy Place] built. (Psalm 78:69)
He chose David to be his servant and took him from the sheep pens. (Psalm 78:70) Jehovah brought him from tending the sheep [L ewes] so he could lead the flock, [shepherd] the people of Jacob, his own people [inheritance], the people of Israel. (Psalm 78:71)

From the Sacred Books we know, like it is also written in this Psalm for today, that David shepherded them with an innocent [blameless] heart and guided them, leading them in wisdom with strong and skilful hands. (Psalm 78:70-72)

Let us ask God that He will help us to guide and shepherd people in the way He wants us to bring people to Him.

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