Being in isolation #8 Those isolating themselves and those being isolated by others

On our own we do try to follow up the task given by Jesus Christ to all his followers. Living in isolation recognising the isolation of so many in ancient times we can put hope form their work and their strong will to continue to do the work of God.

Isolation Lake, Enchantment Lakes, Chelan Coun...
Isolation Lake, Enchantment Lakes, Chelan County, WA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Though isolated from brethren and sisters we do not feel isolated from God; He is our Guide and Stronghold on Whom we count. We trust that He shall make things work in His time. We belief it is He Who calls and it is He Who builds. We accept His Ways and are aware that God has made such isolation not the exception. Though not being able to be with many we trust that God shall provide us with the necessary things. The Divine Creator always provided the means for survival in isolation. He has always provided His Word by which He is constantly able to communicate to the isolated person and He has provided prayer as a way by which the isolated person can communicate directly with Him.

So then, isolation from fellow confessors can never mean and be isolation from the Most High God who is confessed. The same Word, by which Jehovah can communicate with the isolated person, provides the means for that person to communicate with others and thereby remove his isolation by gathering others who will rally around the Word with him, and this all in God’s time, and as such counting on our patience.

As a congregation we need to warn our people against unnecessarily isolating themselves – usually for purely material benefits. We need to instruct them on the methods of survival: receiving constant communication from their Lord through His Word and communicating with Him by prayer. We need to encourage them to function in their calling as witnesses for Christ.
If the isolated Christian both nourishes and exercises his faith, he will not only survive but remove his isolation by gathering a congregation to join with him in confessing the whole of God’s eternal Truth.

Those ecclesiae who hear about people in isolation should make every effort to unite those people getting them in touch with each other. Those trying to obstruct people living in the same region or in the same country to have contact with each other, proof that they do not have the mind of Christ. They averting Christadelphians coming together and holding meetings to break the bread as one community, are not only hindering the course of having new ecclesiae growing but obstruct also the growing of the truth. Such impediment action of putting people into isolation is not only pernicious but such an unwholesome attitude breaks the community down and is poisonous for the body of Christ.

It is a shame in Belgium many people are so put in isolation. We would have hoped they may find their way via internet to other Christadelphian people spread over the country, but have to notice that they do not undertake such actions, sometimes also because them not having internet at hand. Their isolation is not a voluntary one but one brought upon them by someone and some organization, which proves again how man is easily divided and is so easily taken by own gain and selfishness.


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