Discipleship to look at

In preparation to the fraternal Gathering 17th September 2016 Stafford & Newcastle Ecclesiae you always can look at our role in Christianity and how we should take up our discipleship in Christ.

These days lots of people may feel a lot of tension and fear. The many terrorist acts and the economical pressure create not such a pleasant climate in which people look for guilty ones. Refugees and Muslims are looked at with a dirty eye.

Around us we can see lots of problems. There is an increase of difficulties in relationships, increase in divorce, addiction, injustice, greed, sexual immorality, idolatry, oppression, and a multitude of other sins that destroy people’s lives.

For that reason we do need more believers in God who are willing to show people the Way to God: Jesus Christ the Messiah. In this problematic world we have a need of more good fuelled by Christ-followers who see themselves as missionaries, trumpeters of the Truth which can bring the solution for this world. The world need “good news” local churches filled with “good news” people.

File:A medical missionary attending to a sick African. Oil painti Wellcome L0032737.jpg
A medical missionary attending to a sick African. – Oil painting by Harold Copping, 1930

This world needs more people who show the world that the strength of God’s Spirit is always available to the tired mind and body. That nobody can without God’s Power. That everybody should know that God provided a man who was willing to do God’s Will and gave himself for all sinners. He is our physician and our healer and has paved the Way to God for all people in this world. They just have to come to see it, see him and believe in him.

For this there is a need to show people the way to come to the moments of rest where can be looked to these quiet times of communion with God for rest, for peace, for cure. They need to give others the opportunity to rise refreshed in spirit and go out to work, knowing that our strength is able to meet any problems because it is reinforced by God’s power.

The discipleship is the willingness to follow the teachings of master teacher Jeshua. It’s the willingness to take up the tasks Jeshua has given to his disciples, to go out in the world and to proclaim the Gospel of the coming Kingdom of God. This means that those who call themselves Christian, should be announcers of the Good News that Israel’s Messiah has accomplished what he came to do. That the sent one from God, rabbi Jeshua (Jesus Christ) has defeated sin, death, and evil through his sinless life, atoning death on the stake, resurrection, and ascension to the right hand of his heavenly Father, where he is now our high priest and mediator between God and man.

Gospel-centred worship is not simply singing and reading in the Bible. Christians should have a lifestyle submerged, interwoven, and united to Jesus’ very life. When feeling united with Christ, like he was united with his heavenly Father, those followers of Christ should all feel like brothers and sisters going for the same goal and trying to help each other, looking at all around them as equals needing the same help as their own brothers and sisters.

Worship is a lifestyle, and in it evangelism is not just an activity but an identity. A congregation that sees all of life as worship is a passionate, Spirit-enabled missionary/evangelist community. When we live this way, we see ourselves as fishers of men in our workplaces, schools, and homes. The love of Christ compels us to live a life of worship in all that we do.


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