Delay in publications because attack from outside

Freedom of speech!
Freedom of speech! (Photo credit: dreamwhile)

Dear readers of this  and other websites from the Belgian Christadelphians,

Facebook logo
Facebook logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We would like to apologise to you for having had an enforced silence in our little circle. Some people wanted to gag the Belgian Christadelphians and managed to silence some of our websites, the Facebook page Christadelphia and the Google+ page of the responsible person for the district Belgium, Marcus Ampe.

Trying for many years

For several years now Mr. Ampe has tried to bring more unity in the Christadelphian community. You must be aware he does not like much the division between the Amended with the Central Fellowship movement, the  Un-amended, the Berean, Old Paths, Dawn, Antipas, Logos and other Christadelphian groups. Through the years it was no problem of having the Amended and Un-amended meeting together in Belgium. In this small country they were quite happy to gather and Break bread with each other. some of the Old Paths do meet with us, others do prefer to stay on their own and not to mix with us. No problem, we would say.

In Belgium a certain figure from the North of Europe has baptised many persons. In December he once more baptised somebody in the very cold North Sea. We do find it strange the person did not take contact with us, but stayed in contact with Mr. D.H. and his organisation wich has the word ‘links’ in its name but does not want to link with other Christadelphian groups.

Christadelphians Living in Belgium in isolation

In Belgium not able to link with other Christadelphians makes it very difficult. There are not many Christadelphians living in that small country and being in isolation, Mr. Marcus Ampe would find it better that those baptised and those interested in our faith, could meet like-minded people everywhere in the country. For years he had tried to get the man from the North to reconcile with the Christadelphian Bible Mission (CBM), with its headquarters in the United Kingdom. To no avail!

In October last year Mr. Ampe thought the ground could be fertile, because he had found the man from the North also being member of a group called Christadelphians for Unity. Once more he contacted the man living in an ex-Soviet Union country and hoped he and the other Belgian CBM members would be able to co-operate with him and his organisation. Previous efforts by Mr.Ampe had already stopped in May 2012 when the man from the North showed no advancement to give the addresses of the baptised members of his organisation or to let them share ‘Breaking of the Bread‘ (or our worship service). After months trying to come to reconciliation, the man from the North kept refusing to have his members meet with our members. For that reason, him refusing to let baptised people sharing their faith with each other Mr. Ampe considered this not a sign of brotherly love and expressed his concern about the intentions of the Man from the North.

All the discussions and writing letters, between all the involved parties took a lot of time and delayed the writings on our many websites.

Shut upTrying to silence

Christadelphia Black-out Feb. 15 10.47It became even worse when the Man from the North tried everything to silence those websites. He put in complaints against the CBM and Mr. Ampe, also asked Facebook to withdraw Mr. Ampe from the social network. We where contacted about this request to pull away the Facebook profile of Marcus Ampe, but it was kept on the net. Though later the Facebook page Christadelphia was taken of the net. But some days before Christadelphia became not public, Marcus Ampe his Google+ account was also withdrawn from public viewing. It was made private by Google, because of a complaint of “inapropriate language” (according to the Google message to us). We may assure our readers and members of the web that such a complaint does not make any sense. For the same reason Mr. Ampe his news site Christadelphian World was taken from the net.  Those who do not know it, we want to assure that there was no filth or grime shown on it, nor dirty words used. On Mr. Ampe his website Christadelphian World was no place for shabbiness or filthy language. It wanted to present news from what is happening, or happened, in the world of Christendom or Christianity and in the Christadelphian communities, ecclesiae and their parishes or local church-community. As a news-site it looked at the matters going on in the world from a Christian and more in particular, from a Christadelphian point of view.

Marcus Ampe Google+ Account Feb. 16 19.34Christadelphian World 11 Nov 2013We where very surprised that Marcus Ampe his website Christadelphian World and his Google+ page could be silenced without him having spoken to first or having gained advice or information form the party who silenced the websites. Such censorship on a religious site should make us wonder why all those other sites with un-ethic photographs, unsavoury subjects, unashamed and sometimes impertinent words can continue to publish on the world wide internet. They get loads of viewers, whilst Mr.Ampe his news-site does not get many viewers, because not many people are really interested in the Word of God or in religion. So Why jamming such a small blogiste?

We are long away from times where attempts to silence heresy through intimidation were more frequent. We are also well aware of the times book banning was popular. The absolute monarchs of the 17th and 18th century also liked to impose strict controls, and perhaps today there are still people who do not like such a reshuffling of the relations between church and state, or do not want that other denominations or thinkers express their thoughts freely. for sure today there are many persons who would love to have everything in control. The man from the North has proven more than once to be such a sort of man. We can not stop us thinking he perhaps cam e in a stadium he loves to show us he can get us under control and loves to persecute opponents of the established religious groups even when they might still be small. But better to avoid that they could become bigger.

Freedom of Speech - Life's big subjects display
Freedom of Speech – Life’s big subjects display (Photo credit: Library ACU)

The man from the North has also perhaps learned a lot form tactics which where commonly used in the region were he lives now.

Strict censorship of all forms of public expression characterized the Soviet Union throughout most of its 74-year history. Boris Pasternak’s Doctor Zhivago, which won the 1958 Nobel Prize in Literature, was not permitted publication there, and the novels of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, considered by many to be masterpieces, were banned in 1966. Soviet censorship largely ended in 1986 under Mikhail Gorbachev’s policy of glasnost (openness). {The Free Dictionary, by Farflex}

When such a Blogger, like the ‘little shrimp’ and unknown Marcus Ampe, got silenced, we should wonder how many other bloggers could also be taken off the net, because they have something serious to tell or because they contested against a certain situation. When a site where no improprieties are told can be taken away from the view of the general public, what about those who criticise a government or a present situation in a country?

Also when the public can not see that the site is put to a stop by somebody else than the writer of the blog or the website, we do come in a serious situation of unwanted censorship.To obstruct publication of any idea smells of pre-censorship. In a modern democratic country having books, writings, decent pictures banned by unknown censors or companies like Google or Facebook should have us to relook the power of those companies. Naturally, we know they are very powerful and can decide much about what they want to allow to come in front of those looking at the internet. but in a way we would hope they would allow freedom of speech.

christadelphia Feb. 15 19.36
Christadelphia, a very small Christian news site, from the Christadelphians located in Belgium, being censored.

Having black-out Christadelphian World, Facebook page Christadelphia and Marcus Ampe Google+ account, anno 2014 does either show us we should be much more aware of the danger of those companies and the power certain institutions and organisations may have.

Christadelphian World by now {2014/02/16 in the evening} has been made public again, though we are not sure about the comments people made on the articles. On Sunday evening 2014, February, 16 at 6.26 pm they were still not on the website again. Naturally it can be once they have been taken away form the public, that they are deleted for good, but we doubt that. In any case, those who commented on Christadelphian World and would not see their comment any more, must understand it was not our choice to delete their message. It was deleted totally our of our control. And that is something what frightens us.

Biblestudents comment on Christadelphian World - Blogger Feb. 14 14.04
This comment of the Biblestudents also was taken away from public viewing.

That it is possible for somebody else just to delete, just like that, matters or articles placed on what we could consider space made available for us! We are thankful we can use platforms for free, but do hope we can also be free to put material on it like we want it without hurting other people or doing violence on the truth. We also are convinced the providers of those spaces can make money by the advertisements placed on our websites and can generate people going to look and read at different places and as such also coming in contact with more advertisements.


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    +Last year, University of Buffalo professors wrote that pro-lifers are like “those who supported lynching.” This is the same school where a professor was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct after a colorful rant against a group of pro-life students.

    Just last week at The University of Alabama, I filmed an administrator informing me that the reason the university secretly removed a pro-life display from our student center was because there were “complaints” and “if somebody gets offended, we have to take it down.”

    Take a moment to ponder the absurdity of the notion that being offended gives anyone the right to silence the person or group with whom he or she disagrees. If this were the case, there would be no room for meaningful speech on campus.  Anyone could arbitrarily deem another’s opinion offensive.

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    Hold candidate forums so voters can decide who would best represent them In other words, primary election activities for third party candidates would be prohibited. This provision would cut the proverbial legs out from under any political party or movement.

    The IRS is trying to silence millions of American voters. They’re trying to pass new regulations that will destroy our free speech rights and this constitutes a complete end run around Congress and ultimately the Constitution.

    I am calling for a massive campaign to protest this IRS action. You may send your comments to the IRS at this link.

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    French authorities have acted aggressively in recent weeks to crack down on anti-Israel and anti-Jewish speech, most prominently by banning a tour by the comedian Dieudonne M’bala M’bala, who has been convicted multiple times of belittling the Holocaust and alleging that a Jewish mafia runs France, among other offenses. But the dragnet has also swept up BDS protesters whose actions have targeted Israel, not Jews.

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    The problem with that is my explicit and implicit attitude : the only person who should exercise freedom of speech is me and me alone.Which means I can enjoy my moment of free speech. And silence everyone else’s freedom of speech.Which mean freedom of speech is lost in the long run for me and for everyone else.
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    All religious groups benefit from freedom of speech, because their beliefs have the power to offend others. As our leading article this week sets out, that includes the rather mild and doddery-seeming Church of England, which teaches that personal sin is a serious matter requiring repentance. That’s the sort of thing that can offend people, too, but the Church and other groups benefit from the freedom to say it. Religious groups who argue for curbs on freedom of speech must realise that in the end, this would damage their own freedom too, not just that of others they don’t like.


    The fanatical ideologists need to be defeated, either they accept this free democracy or go and live elsewhere. They have nothing to offer us and we do not want anything from them. Spectator journos should pop out to Tower Hamlets or further north, and see the level of islamification of this green and pleasant land.

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