Iranian and Kurdish Bible students in the UK

We are very happy to hear from several of our English brethren and sisters that lots of Iranians find the way to our Christadelphian community.

In the UK there are many Iranian and Kurdish Bible students and new brothers and sisters across the UK, but particularly in NW, NE, Midlands, Cardiff and London.

As of the 26 August 274 Iranians had been baptized in the UK of whom all but a handful were continuing to attend and actively preaching to other Iranians. This is a wonderful blessing but creating a number of logistical challenges.

The primary challenge is that the cheap-housing areas where the students live are not the areas where Christadelphians are locally concentrated. And in fact in some of those areas, halls which Christadelphians once owned have been sold in recent years. The blessing on some ecclesias is enormous, but so is the load of that blessing. Financial support for this is obviously going to be, Lord willing, an increasing issue. But the immediate need is often for physical Christadelphian bodies to travel to where the students are. For example a sister who misses meeting with her own ecclesia some Sunday mornings to travel with an (ALS provided) child seat to where an asylum seeker family live and take them to a meeting with a translated service. Or a brother who reduced his duties at his home ecclesia to collect students from an area with no Sunday bus service and make coffee. Or the sister who goes to a cafe near a hostel to give the ladies in the hostel English classes.

If you can help, please contact Amanda Jones <>

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