Lecture titles and Syllabi

A few days ago we looked at our responsibility of making the right choice and having to assemble in communities, forming an ecclesia or church.


When we want to call for others to come to one of our meetings we can advertise and distribute leaflets.

At the beginning of the 20th century Arthur Thomas Jannaway wrote the following:

Lecture Titles and Syllabuses.

Well-Worded cards (generously distributed) are of great value in advertising our lectures. The titles should be bold and striking, neither vulgarly sensational nor painfully common-place. The hackneyed wording displayed outside mission halls and “little Bethels” will neither allure the church or chapel-goer from his own place of worship, nor capture the man of no religion.

In a syllabus, the sentences should be few, terse, and enlightening. Pains should be taken to secure correct grammar. Seeming disrespect and irreverence should, if possible, be avoided. The sober-minded should be sought rather than the scoffing crowd.

The name “Christadelphian” should be well kept to the front. When a series of lectures appears on the same card, the subjects should be arranged in sequence, so that the card will form an intelligent witness for the Truth.

The whole counsel of God should, in due course, be covered, and not a continual harping upon one or two pet subjects. Those deputed to the task of arranging lectures should not be above utilising the work of others. Earnest men are not likely to demur to the copying of any successful subjects which they may have framed.

A. T. Jannaway

W. J. White continued on this subject and wrote:

Sensational Lectures.

Yes, we certainly agree with your suggestion that sensational titles for lectures should be avoided. There is no legitimate use for such in the public work of the Truth.

We can be enterprising without descending to the sensational. An audience attracted by a merely sensational title will dwindle away when the sobering truths of the Bible are expounded. The use of highly sensational titles merely to attract a large audience, with the intention of setting forth the serious things of the Truth, is scarcely honest, and should be avoided.

“Can the Devil hold up his right hand and swear I live for ever?” — “The Great Whore” — and “Filthy Garments”,

are certainly inadmissible as titles for lectures. All that be said under such can be as well said under the headings:

“Is there an immortal Devil?” — “The Apostasy”, and “Human Nature”.

Better have an audience of ten genuine truth-seekers than one of a hundred sensationists, in whom the “good seed of the Kingdom” will find no depth.

Ecclesial Secretaries should have the power to decline unsuitable titles offered by lecturers. A good plan is to appoint a small committee of experienced brethren to arrange the subjects for lectures.

W. J. White



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