Dedication and Preaching Effort 400 years after the first King James Version

King James Version of the Bible
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In the season 1975/76 the Christadelphians had “The Year of Dedication” and “The Year of Witness”.  Today we are facing a similar project.
Our hope is that, God willing, the whole Christadelphian Brotherhood will become enthused with this Dedication and Preaching Effort, and will feel enabled to not only live the Truth better, but will be able to share their hope of the kingdom with friends, neighbours, colleagues and acquaintances.

Leaflets, DVD’s and booklets will also be available to explain what the Bible is, and to offer an easy-to-follow reading plan.

A new “Bible Newspaper” is being produced, which will give short and simple “news items” about the Bible. This will be made available to give away to friends, or to distribute in our areas.

A fairly substantial book is being written all about the Bible, and about the wonderful hope it contains.

The English Christadelphians are also producing a DVD and a set of speakers’ notes about the way the Bible was written, translated, and passed down through the ages. All interested people can read about the historic evolution of the many translations of the Word of God.

We should make sure that as many people as possible know that Bible is the centre of our lives. The Bible is the only book in the world which we know came from the Most Almighty Creator, Jehovah God. It should really stimulate and thrill us, so that “we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard” (Acts 4:20). We should read it daily and invest time to learn its message, taking a careful look at the Bible and noting its special characteristics. We shall find them so exceptional as to make the Bible unique in the world – a book in fact that we cannot ignore. It is not sufficient just to read it in church or on our own and be quit about it. We should use it to encourage each other; recognising that it alone can make us wise unto salvation. The more we know it, the more marvellous it becomes to us. By reading in those marvellous Scriptures we never stop learning.
Also should we let others know that a plan for the government of the world, ensuring peace and blessings for all nations of the earth, was already outlined so many centuries ago in the Bible and proves to be exactly what the nations of the 20th Century need.
Let us show the others that we have received a message of hope and encouragement for every person man and woman, which is reinforced on every page of the New Testament.

We would like to invite all our friends to try to make use of the 400 th anniversary of the King James Version to talk about the Word of God. Try making time to talk with neighbours and friends and if they do not have a Bible version offering them one. To help with this the Committee of Bible4Life is currently comparing prices and the suitability of different translations, with the aim of securing the best price by bulk ordering.
Everybody can also advertise websites from where the public can download information about the Bible.

In England there shall be The Bible Exhibition trying to show the Bible’s place in history and how it has survived; how it accurately describes past events, and future events; and what this unique book’s message is.

Read more:

Appointed to be read

THE BIBLE 4 LIFE to share our enthusiasm about the Bible with you! With the organisation of the Project, Bible4Life Newspaper, magazines, the Bible4life Videos and tools: The Bible4life Organisation.

400th Anniversary of the King James Bible

2011 is the 400th anniversary of the first printing of the King James Bible
Click on this Bible or on a link below to learn more now!

Find the Leaflet: Tell me about the Bible.
The Bible4life dedication

The Evidence You decide

The magazine for you

Please do find : Inspiration and Early Translations; Part One: The Bible, Appointed to be Read … in the Glad Tidings of January 2011.


  • The Book of Books, a history of the King James Bible (
  • King James, hys Bible( translation by committee was a clearly a political exercise with King Jim trying to reassert his control over the puritan branch of the church. One result was the founding of the colonies in America in 1620 and the other was a book that languished unloved, until someone needed to reinforce the God-given role of Kings some 50 years later.”Just like the use of beautiful stonework and stained glass to make people feel closer to God, poetic beauty was a characteristic of all the translations of the period. The King James Version is no more noble or poetic than any of those earlier versions, it is only the presentation to modern eyes of a later sanitised edition of Victorian age in the absence of those others that separates it in any real way. It is seen as like Shakespeare without the bum jokes (apart from that one in Psalm 68… and the bit where Solomon goes in to the cave… oh, and ALL of Song of Songs…).” writes Leatherworking Reverend on the International Routier-the Blog
  • The KJB Sea to Sea (
    Institutions around the world have been celebrating the 400th anniversary of the publication of the King James Bible, and this spring the William Andrews Clark Memorial Library at UCLA, which houses substantial rare book holdings, hosted an exhibition highlighting the history, context, and ongoing influence of the KJB.
  • Those were different days… (
    A Continental Congress committee passed the motion: “The use of the Bible is so universal and its importance so great that your committee refers the above to the consideration of Congress…The Committee recommends that Congress will order the Committee of Commerce to import 20,000 Bibles from Holland, Scotland, or elsewhere, into the different parts of the States of the Union. Whereupon it was resolved accordingly to direct said Committee of Commerce to import 20,000 copies of the Bible.”

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