Williamsburg Conference 2015 December 27-31 Joy and Gladness


Sometimes we rush from one activity to the next in search of another jolt of ever-elusive joy. Other times, we may shy away from overt expressions of joy, preferring an attitude of somber dispassionate aloofness from emotional expression, as if emotions were an indication of insincerity. There has to be something between the two extremes of manic glee and rueful dourness, though.

What does God say about joy? What is the source of joy? Do you seek joy? How do the godly express gladness? What part does gladness play in the life of a believer? Is it a goal that we should pursue? Can joy be cultivated in our ecclesias? How important is gladness in your life? When you find it, does it remain or is it fleeting? Join us at this year’s Williamsburg Conference to consider the fundamental Scriptural aspects of joy and gladness.


The Williamsburg Conference is scheduled to run December 27-31 this year at the Holiday Inn Patriot in Williamsburg, VA. Please register as soon as you can at http://williamsburgconference.com

Registration will close on December 22, but will reopen on December 27 at the hotel.

We hope to see you soon!

Bro. Colton Walker


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