Hoddesdon 2017 weekend of praise, worship, Bible teaching and practical living

hodconfIt is already for over 50 years that the Hoddesdon ecclesia organises a weekend with different workshops covering Bible study and practical living.

The four key threads: Worship. Learn. Challenge. Grow.


At the core of the whole weekend is the worship of our Father and his Son through music, prayer, meditation and study. This culminates in the Breaking of Bread service on Sunday afternoon.


The half-day workshops on Saturday cover a wide range of Bible-based topics ranging across Bible Study, Practical Instruction & Fellowship and Outreach & Preaching. The emphasis is on applying Bible principles in practical ways, equipping us to lead fuller, deeper lives.


As the world around us changes and becomes more challenging, so our vision has to expand in order to respond. That often means questioning our assumptions as we try to apply unchanging Biblical principles to deal with new and, sometimes, unsettling situations.


The aim of everything what is done at the Weekend – the praise, the workshops, the private chats, simply just eating together – is to help each-other develop and grow on their journey through life; to be driven by a vision of God’s coming Kingdom and how those values should shape our lives now.

The principles behind the Weekend

Running through the whole weekend are some important objectives that we as lovers of God try to achieve. We believe that the Weekend should be a safe place where we can ask stupid questions, where doubts can be voiced and experiences shared without judgement or criticism. The event should be inclusive, embracing all ages, all backgrounds, all views, all characters. The event should be practical, equipping us to live more spiritual lives as individuals, but also better able to contribute to our local church and to the Christadelphian community at large. The event should be bottom-up, driven and shaped by what attendees want to discuss and do. Above all, we believe that the weekend should be Christ-centred as we try to come closer to our Father and his Son.

When in doubt don't^ - NARA - 535006
When in doubt don’t^ – NARA – 535006 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

17-19 March 2017

On Saturday: 16 workshops covering Bible study and practical living.
Sunday Study: “The Truth Dimension”.

Full board accommodation £129 standard room (limited availability), £157 en-suite room. Special rate: £30 for 25 year-olds & under. Half-price subsidised rates are also available.

The prospectus is available at www.hoddesdon.org.

Below is a taster of the 2017 workshops, but click here for detailed descriptions.

1. Ministry of reconciliation Wendy Johnson
2. Called to be Joe Warwick
3. Get out there Dan Parsons & Judith Norcross
4. The Christian response to Homosexuality Anne & Pete Jeavons
5. Samaritans, Palestinians, Coincidence? Eric Lowe
6. Decision making from a Biblical perspective Stuart Walker
7. The power of the positive Jon Downes
8. Styles, strategies, and strengths Hazel McHaffie
9. Eat, pray, love Arne Roberts
10. You’ve lost me Mike & Suzette Thompson
11. Great message, shame about the messenger Phil & Karen Cox
12. Living with God in a godless world Andy Avery
13 Flower power Gretchen White
14 The Lord is my Shepherd Philip & Kate Lawrence
15 Diversity, disability and difference Ruth Andrews
16 Walk




Positive Preaching Day 2015

The Big Conversation UK 2016

Beatin’ the Blues


Additional reading

  1. May we have doubts
  2. Science, scepticism, doubts and beliefs
  3. Back from gone #4 Your inner feelings and actions
  4. Have faith in your faith…doubt your doubts
  5. Know by trying


Further reading

  1. New year, Reflective self
  2. Doubt (by Truly Garesia)
  3. Doubt (by Peace Grooves)
  4. Moonlight Blues
  5. Untitled 3
  6. Sinking Fast
  7. Self-Doubt
  8. Not Good Enough
  9. A Season of Activity
  10. The Power of Doubt in Faith
  11. Benefit of the Doubt
  12. Breaking the Chains
  13. Fit Faith: Competition: I Don’t Want to Win!
  14. January 12
  15. More of a Wanderer Than I’ve Ever Been
  16. Confession: Somewhere, someone
  17. Faith.
  18. Blessings [What Does it Really Mean?]
  19. Get Up Grasshopper!


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