Beatin’ the Blues

The Winter-months are often the most difficult period for elderly to cover. Not only older people are influenced by the darker days. Youngsters too can miss the sunshine and feel very down. there are also many people who not seem to see how time heals their wounds. unseen scars may be sitting deep and perhaps it can be time to come out of the cocoon and come to meet others to share thoughts and feelings and to come to help to lift each other up.

The Christadelphian Support Network invites everyone to an afternoon of “Beatin’ the Blues”
Date: Saturday, 28th January, 2.00pm – 6.00pm, God willing

Venue: Leicester Westleigh Ecclesial Hall, LE3 0HH

Long, dark winters can be dreary for anyone, but especially those enduring difficult times in their lives. Beatin’ the Blues day will again aim to lift the spirits with an afternoon of fellowship, praise, short thoughts & videos… and chocolate!

Full information at:


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2 thoughts on “Beatin’ the Blues

  1. I trust that your event was a success. Sounds like a great occasion to gather together and praise God. Thanks for providing a link to one of my entries posted on Dr. J’s Apothecary Shoppe. I appreciate all kinds of music, especially the blues.

    God bless.

    Dr. J (Lonnell Johnson)


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