Time for this and that

In our lives, there is a time for everything.

When we come into the world, we are not aware of anything and just experience things, while it is our parents who are allowed to live their time joyfully when having a child. That child must be brought up by them, where there are moments that are not as joyful as with the first steps or first words of the child. The growing child becomes more aware of what is happening in her or his life, and also experience that not all things in that life are rosy and pleasant.

In our lives, we encounter several good moments, but also less good ones. We learn to stay strong in difficult times while trying to enjoy the good times of life as much as possible. Every day we are confronted with something that makes us feel less good. But we should be lucky if we are not confronted with wars and violence and can live in a relatively quiet world with a fair amount of comfort. There are people who have to do it with a lot less than we do. They, too, must try to find their happiness in the little things.

Just as they cannot escape moments of pain and sorrow, we must also face difficulties that will determine our lives.

Many of us have a well-filled, busy existence. With all the work that one has to do to secure income, there is often not much time left for oneself, let alone for another.

With moments, it seems that time is catching up with us in our fast-paced life. Before we realise it, we have been so many days or months away. Then we must come to the conclusion that we did not get this or that work done that we would have liked to do.

Every time we turn the calendar page, we realise that in the previous days and weeks there was not enough time left for ourselves. This can sometimes even lead to frustration for some.

Most importantly, due to the hustle and bustle of everyday life, most people do see what is happening in their world, but little or no think of a world that is much better than the current world. They spend practically no time on the spiritual aspects that are actually much more important in essence.

One can be grateful for what the parents have done for us, but how often do people forget what their Heavenly Father continuously does for them?

Do you occasionally take time to think of the Divine Creator, to whom you actually owe your life?
Do you ever take the time to thank Him for all the good things that may come your way?

In our lives, there are many times when we have to make choices and decide what to do or which way to go. A very important decision in our lives is to want to look for the right way to God. Even though many people forget that they need God, we must be aware that he is the best provider in our lives. We will be able to rely on Him at all times. Through Him, as a guide for life, we can already save ourselves a lot of mischiefs and we will be able to secure a life that is much better than the current life that we now have to undergo on this globe.

Let us not forget, therefore, to allow ourselves daily some time of reflection, with a few minutes that we want to give to God, to enter into a conversation with Him, Who knows what things to ask, but also to thank, praise Him.

Give yourself time a moment of silence and time with God.

The closer we get to the end times or the last days, the more important our time with God and for God will be. The son of Man, Jesus Christ, the son of God, has instructed his followers to go out into the world to spread the good news. It is now up to the believers who call themselves Christians to carry out that commission of Jesus and to make time to talk to others about God and His Kingdom. The more that is preached and the Name of God is spread, the sooner that Kingdom of God will come in which the time will be of no count, because those who will be admitted into that New World will be able to live on indefinitely without having to worry anymore.


Dutch version / Nederlandse versie: Tijd voor dit en dat

French version / Version française: Du temps pour ceci et cela

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