Ecclesia to exist, grow and communities to have people communicating with each other

In the past on this website or platform and that of the Broeders in Christus or Brethren in Christ or Christadelphians I did not often speak in personal name. The big exception was when the affair of the man from the North clouded our operation. At that time I was so upset I needed to utter my frustration and to express my disappointment.

When we got in trouble by trying to get all the Christadelphian groups in Belgium together united and to have them co-operating with each other and with others all over the world, I had not provided yet to present myself as an other user or author on my Christadelphian websites.

From now onwards on this and the sister-site the provision is made that other voices can be heard and have their say, under their own name or as guest-speaker, and to have them and thoughts from others under the special author heading.

Newbury HallI sincerely want to express my thanks to my fellow brethren and sisters of our ‘mother-ecclesia‘ in Newbury, Great Britain. We, being very isolated in Belgium are very pleased that we can have communication with them and appreciate it very much that we can share with them via Google hangouts their Bible class on Wednesday and their worship service on Sunday morning.
Also at our own live services in HeverleeLeuven, Nivelles and Mons we share what happened across the Channel and share news from brothers and sisters over there and at other places in the world.

We do hope we shall be able to get in contact with many more Christadelphians and also shall get some more other people interested in the Christadelphian faith.

Our intentions are not to get people in a human organisation, but want to see them to become part of the Body of Christ, in which we want to share that love Christ has for us.

It is a big misunderstanding that people like us, would be like the Jehovah Witnesses, not wanting their members to read other literature or having all to say, think and handle the same. The unity we should have is not in by all saying exactly the same way or handling exactly the same way.

Our unity is in our willingness to be as brothers and sisters, all having their own characteristics, respecting each other for their own handling of their character, and willing to help them to make the best out of their life.

For us not any human organisation is our main leader, but Jesus Christ who is the cornerstone of our community. We do agree that living in this world we do have to have human structures to keep order and to be legally in order. But we respect each individual independent ecclesia and would love to have growing contacts with them all over the world seeing that they may grow in numbers holding strong at the Truth.

We are pleased you came along here and wanted to spend time reading my letter, but I do hope you will not mind wondering about a little longer and coming back to read more in the future.

Nicer, it would even be, if we can have sometime in the future, a time to meet each other in real life.

Every body is always welcome at our service in one of the places in Belgium (Heverlee-Leuven, Nivelles, Mons) or France (Paris).  Hope to see you there.


In connection with the present situation of the small amount of people joining our community. Plus responding to the writings The Big Conversation and The Big Conversation follow up.


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