Sharing your big scriptures for tough times

For years people have been warned for very though times to come. People had to know that the oppression of the Romans the Jews had to endure around the time of Jesus would be nothing in comparison.

Though our brethren in Newbury write

Worth remembering that Jesus came through tougher times than we will ever have to face – for the joy that was set before him. {Big scriptures for tough times}

We think the World War III or Armageddon shall be much worse. Be careful, that diminishes not what Jesus has done, having given his body for others and having to face his horrible death at the stake. Perhaps the writer of the article had in his head that Jesus had no proof that there would be something after his death. He just had to trust his feelings and his belief that God had prepared something much much greater for him and for all those who believe in Jesus.

For us that believe that Jesus is the sent one from God, the son of God and the Kristos, the Messiah or the saviour who brought us the Grace of salvation, there is naturally that hope by Christ. In him we may not only find hope but also courage to continue in his footsteps and to look forward to the coming Kingdom of God. And when it comes soon we certainly shall have to face that prophesied big battle.  By being prepared for it it shall not be such a huge burden for us, and we shall be able to stand strong in the battle by our faith and our hope in the resurrection.

We all have times when things are tough. Temptations get the better of us. We fall out with loved ones. Or we suffer disharmony in our family, at work, or at church. Any of these can challenge even the most seasoned faith. {Big scriptures for tough times}

is written at the Newbury Christadelphians site. The writer of that article continues

So, I thought now would be as good a time as any to share our ‘go to’ scriptures; the places we go to find comfort and encouragement.

He has good reasons to make that call. We also, here and on our lifestyle magazines Stepping Toes and From Guestwriters, made that call to our brethren and sisters to share their thoughts on the Bible-readings and to offer us some insights on certain verses of the Scriptures and/or to place happenings of today in the light of the Word of God.

We know why we have tough times: we live in a world where bad things happen and this actually improves our character. A couple of places liken this to a child being disciplined by a loving parent (Heb 12:6) – the result being that the child grows into an improved human being. And it’s the same for us: fruit doesn’t grow on the mountain tops! But this doesn’t make it any easier to endure the tough times when they arrive. {Big scriptures for tough times}

Therefore out of brotherly love we should try to help each other and build up our and others faith to be prepared for our meetings with the Anti-Christ and any satan or adversary of God.

We should encourage others to come to find the Way to the Most Highest and to trust God. This should be done not by staying quiet in our own little (or big) house, our little cocoon, but by coming out in the wild, and by doing what Jesus asked from his followers to go out in the world and to preach the Kingdom of God.

In such way we sincerely do hope we shall be finding some more interested people who are willing to contribute to our different websites. You should know all sorts of subjects or articles can be used to bring people closer to God and are welcome on From Guestwriters. Especially thoughts on our way of living we would love to see there more.

Please do not stay in your little corner. Let your fingers tingle to write also now and then. Even when it are short ideas or thoughts. As you can notice also quotes from people all over the world can bring others to think about matters and can be of guidance to form our character. Many proverbs of prophets, godly but also worldly people can have us to reflect on matters of life and can be interesting to be shared with others.

The Newbury writer reminds us:

  • The promise of peace. During times of trouble, peace can seem a remote prospect. But here is God’s promise of peace, if we can only shut out the noise and focus on him.

  • Trust. The modern world has eroded trust in God with trust in other things – like politicians, material possessions, or ourselves. And yet, the only one who can rescue us from whatever trouble we are facing is God!

  • Forever. Whatever we are going through, however painful it may be, it is temporary – and not to be compared with the peace that God is holding out to us both now and forever. {Big scriptures for tough times}

and ends with

And so, it’s your turn. Please feel free to share your big scriptures for tough times. It doesn’t have to be a verse – it could be a song, or something that somebody once told you that you keep going back to. We look forward to hearing from you!  {Big scriptures for tough times}



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