Today’s thought “Thus says the LORD …” (February 4)

Today’s thought

“Thus says the LORD …”

(February 4)

We thought about this for some time. How do we understand the references in today’s Exodus 10 to the Lord hardening Pharaoh’s heart (Exodus 10:1,10,27). Can God blame man for what God does – if that is the way to understand this? Notice how Moses conveys the message of the Lord (i.e., Yahweh / Jehovah) to Pharaoh,

Thus says the LORD, the God of the Hebrews; how long will you refuse to humble yourself before me?” (Exodus 10:3).

Pharaoh refused to recognise the power of the one and only God. In the time of Joseph God’s power had been fully recognised as a result of the seven years of famine and plenty. Then we read in Exodus 1:8

“Now there arose a new king over Egypt that did not know Joseph”

and the situation changed. To restore the spirit of knowing and fearing the only real God was surely part of the purpose of God in sending the plagues. God saw to it that a Pharaoh was “raised up” whose attitude and pride would cause this to happen.

We can see a modern parallel to this today. When printing was invented, the first book printed in nearly every language was the Bible! Four centuries ago there was a wonderful change in the attitudes of many people; the world became more spiritual; laws were influenced by the principles set out in the laws in the Bible. The Catholic Church tried to resist this but the reformation movement, fed by the reading of the Bible, spread throughout the world. People at last read for themselves what God had really done and said.

The effect of this reformation movement came to an end during the twentieth century, now a whole generation has now arisen who largely do not know the Bible. Sadly some read the Bible to get power and influence for themselves and distort what it says and trying to find in it things they want to believe. The stage is set therefore, for God to bring another series of plagues on the earth, to show his power to Godless man, so that once again people will be aware of the true God, but it will require one last dramatic act of God to really cause them to wake up – and that surely will be the return of Christ to rule the earth.




Preparation for unity



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12 thoughts on “Today’s thought “Thus says the LORD …” (February 4)

  1. Thanks for following my blog; you are very kind. I think that you might like my latest post. At the very bottom of it, I have put information about the Holocaust. Please keep up your good work.


    1. Good you placed a link to the Holocaust Encyclopedia at your blog for those who wouldlike to find more information and even more for those who do not know enough about it.

      Having family members being imprisoned in German extermination camps and having Jewish brethren and sisters in our community we do know about and believe in the Holocaust and as such would not have to be reminded of it as if we would not know.

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      1. Thanks for sharing your information with me. A friend of mine also had family members who were subjected to the deaths and tortures of the Nazis. While I was growing up, I lived in a city that had a large Jewish population; I was blessed by that experience.


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