Personal thoughts, communication, establishing ecclesia and guest writings

From now on you shall be able to find on this platform of the Free Christadelphians or Brothers in Christ personal thoughts under the own heading of the author or under this name of ‘guestpeaker‘. This way the founder of this site created an opportunity to have sporadically some personal thoughts and ideas from non-christadelphians to be placed here.

The founder Marcus Ampe now on this site and on the Brethren site provided for the possibility to share material from other authors than Christadelphians or members of our ecclesia. The reason for adding such writings from non Christadelphians is to get an impression of what they say about a particular topic, which is also of interest for us. That way we are able to look at the solutions they found, and can learn from their experiences or see how they try to cope with a similar problem.

With this ability to make available other texts for our readers, we hope create a handy facility to find more interesting material on the subject. Providing more background information and other opportunities to discover to establish house churches this can help to continue to build and to make our church community more vividly.

Faith is the strength to survive, but believers must find each other and support each other in order to build communion together in a faith that is acceptable to God. In order to get everybody coming together bringing them a feeling of unity there has to be co-operation, communication with and respect for each other. Such contributions of texts on particular subjects must provide a help to identify opportunities to succeed further to construct churches in our region.

From GuestwritersUnder the name “Guest Speaker“, like on other platforms of us, you can find an overview of what others are writing about a topic cited by us, as well as shall you able to find relocated or copied articles of Christadelphians and non-Christadelphians.

We would like to warn you that these writers do not have to agree with us and we not with them. Their ideas may be interesting but it can well be that we can not always agree with what they write. But because we are convinced that we can learn something from them and that they can contribute something to our formation, we are willing to share their material with you, our readers.

We wish you continued reading.

The Free Christadelphians


Dutch version: Persoonlijke gedachten en aanvullende lectuur van anderen


Communicatie noodzakelijk voor groei in Ecclesia (Communication necessary for growth in Ecclesia)

Ecclesia to exist, grow and communities to have people communicating with each other

The Ecclesia in the churchsystem

Reasons to come together

The Big Conversation

The Big Conversation follow up



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9 thoughts on “Personal thoughts, communication, establishing ecclesia and guest writings

    1. We do believe it is God Who calls people and directs them along the paths which they choose to go. Each person may come to God by a different way. Along their long journey their eyes have to go open and this can be best by knowing the differences and by learning all sorts of possibilities. It is not all black and white and we do hope people learn to appreciate also the different colours. Only by knowing the others better there can be a better appreciation and a better living together. often it is by ‘not knowing’ that wrong ideas enter the head and hate can be sawn. We all should come to appreciate each other and love each other, even when our thoughts may be very different.
      Our hope is also that we can learn from each other and share our thoughts in peace.
      God bless.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Redeeming Luv Greetings to you!

    It is in the heart of Yahweh that mankind lives and dwell together in peace and love. And love is a powerful tool which transcends all barriers. Yahweh the highest is love. It is His nature. We who have come to grips with Christ Jesus, know and believe the love that Yahweh has towards us. [John 3:16] With our knowledge that Yahweh is love, He expects each believer to do something about it, for example, to dwell in His love. It is written, God is love, and he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God and God in Him. Herein is our love made perfect (complete).” [1 John 4:16-17]

    Interestingly, it is upon the confession of our faith “that Jesus Christ is the Son of God,” God dwells in us and we in Him. As a result we have access to His love, which is part of the fruit of His Spirit, Galatians 5:22-23] even as we yield ourselves to its leading as the occasion warrants it. And through His love He helps us to “appreciate each other and love each other, even when our thoughts may be different.”
    We share the same hope, too.

    May Yahweh richly blees you

    Liked by 1 person

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