Kapalpal School on Tanna in Vanuatu receives textbooks

The provinces of Vanuatu
The provinces of Vanuatu (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The funds recently given to the Kapalpal School on Tanna in Vanuatu have been used to buy textbooks for the school. They have printed 30 copies of each book and while their classes are sometimes significantly larger than that, it allows each student
to have their own copy or at worst, share between two. This is a wonderful difference.
They are really pleased to have almost every textbook needed for all of the classes that they run. They are still missing a few books where they are unable to get originals.

They have, because they arranged the printing themselves, been able to put plastic covers on all the books. This protects them from the humidity as well as from the
fine volcanic ash that is carried in the air.

Having these books will make a huge difference to the learning of their students.

The school is providing an opportunity for the students to have an education they
would not otherwise have. The people in the local area are very poor. There are no opportunities for employment on these outlying islands. Over 50% of the local
population is unable to read or write.

We hope to change that dynamic for the next generation.

English: Native men of Tanna, New Hebrides. Ea...
Native men of Tanna, New Hebrides. Early postcard, c 1905 (postally unused; divided back) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

WCF provided $20,000 to have these textbooks reprinted in Bangkok and shipped directly to Vanuatu.

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