Sareth’s story from Cambodia

From WCF News for the Summer 2017

Cambodia is a developing country and one of the poorest in Asia. There’s corruption, and a big gap between rich and poor. I’m from a poor family. I try to study hard and I have a part time job, from which I get $70 per month.

I get a lot of advantages from the dorm. I don’t pay to rent a house, or for electricity or water, so I can save money. The dorm has some training courses which give me new knowledge, teach me to solve problems, and help me to learn teamwork with the other dormers. There are also programs to help poor people with bedding, clothes and books for children, and an event to clear rubbish from public places.

It was the first time for me to know and hear God’s word. I’d never joined with Christians before, only one time when I was studying at high school. But when I came to live in the dorm, I could learn the good news of God, read the Bible and learn English with foreign teachers.

Some of the other dormers have been very kind and welcoming. They give me good advice, and encourage me when I feel sad or miss home.
When I don’t understand something about my studies, they always help me. Sometimes I don’t have money to buy rice. I don’t tell them but they know and let me have dinner with them. I love them so much. When I finish at university and have a good job with a high salary, I hope to support the dorm at least $100 per month. This is my goal to help poor youth in Cambodia.


WCF has made a funding commitment to support Sareth and the other dormers at Bethezer, together with other programs in Cambodia with a grant of $60,000 this year. You can help further this work and contribute online at

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