When not seeing or not finding a biblically sound church

Looking in the world and looking at people

After you have wondered about your previous church, or if you had never a church, and went looking for a church but did not see one which could attract you, you must ask yourself what you are really looking for.

English: A of , Helston
A church in Helston (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When looking at those people and churches around us we are evaluating them on our terms. But do we also want to do that on the terms of God? It is to say checking if they are really following God’s Word and living according His ordinances. Most of the time people are evaluating the Church by earthly measures that are irrelevant to God His kingdom and to the Jehovah His heart. Such a matter may have us to reconsider our measure-system and to rethink what measures matter for the church.

All those who love God should know that God calls us to build up one another in these measures so His church can attain the full heavenly measures, in the body of Christ, here on earth for His pleasure and glory.

In this time system we our bounded to worldly regulations, but we do have to follow God’s regulations for His ‘Organisation’, His ‘Building’, His ‘Church’. In His provided Body of Christ there has to be a purposefully seeking face-to-face time with any unbeliever so that he or she can be gained for the World of God by the joyful sharing of the gospel with him or her. It are the people who are willing to witness and to share the Good News with others, who have to come together, gather and share the symbols with each other in a vivid community which breaths the life of the agapè love and the grace of God given to us by the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ, the Messiah, who should be the cornerstone of that group of people willing to come together and making church.

In case we do not find such a group of people who want to be active for God in the name of Christ, we ourselves have to stick out our hands and have to take action. God does not want that we put off till to-morrow what you can do to-day. We may not postpone our witnessing and our gathering with like minded people who want to worship God. Jesus also warned for those who prefer or like to delay their work for God and in some of the parables he tried to make it clear how we can miss the boat. Though in this world there may be many who do you want to believe we do not have to do any works any more because we are saved, they should remember and wonder why Jesus then told so many parables where the ones who worked got paid (no matter how long they worked) but also that those who did not do their work got not paid and even became excluded of the gathering or feast.

Grace of salvation and a car given to you

File:Chrysler limo ZG.jpg
A free car for given to all – Chrysler limo without driver (Photo Suradnik13)

The Grace of Salvation was and is free for every body, no doubt. But to be able to be a partaker of that for free given grace we do have to do things. You can compare it with a gift you receive from some one. Perhaps you did not have to do anything for receiving it, but after you got it you have to use it (= to do a work with it) For example when you receive a car you shall still not get anywhere when you do not learn how to drive with it (demands some work). You shall have to put the key in it to ignite it (have to do a work), have to put your foot on the gas-pedal (=work), have to be attentive on the road (= demanding work) have to keep to traffic rules and regulations (= work) or otherwise you shall not be able to get in time safely at the place where you have to be. Faith without works is death and of no value. You may have been baptised, but if you did not find Christ, did not repent about your previous sins, do not any effort not to sin any more (which demands lots of discipline and work), for sure you shall not get far on your road to the Kingdom. Jesus warned about all that in his parables. Those who say to you that all people are saved and shall enter into heaven, mislead you; Worse is it when then than still dare to frighten you with a purgatory or with damnation in hell, which is totally contradicting with their sayings that everybody is saved whatever he did and does.

First of all we do have to believe in that grace, otherwise it is of no value. Secondly we do have to believe in the man who offered himself for the sin of others, namely the Jew from Nazareth, rabbi Jeshua, today better known as Jesus Christ. In case we do not want to believe in him, Jesus, who is the son of God and is the Messiah, no salvation shall come over us.
Next step is also the action of coming to the believe that there is a God of gods, Who is the Master Maker of everything. Without a belief in The God we are nothing with the Grace He gave to mankind.

Works and regulations

The other works requested by God and His son is to follow the Son of God, to accept him as the Kristos (Christ) or Messiah and to do what he requested to do. Jesus asked to belief in his heavenly Father, to pray to Him and to worship Him as the only One True God. Further he requested when a person comes into the faith to take action, to become baptised and to live according to the faith and not any more to the flesh, which means he or she has to do several works, like trying to control oneself. Each person has to make work to become a self-controlled person, who shall not sin, i.e. not lie, not covert unlawful actions, not steal or murder or do any harm to somebody else. This shall demand enough work and discipline. Without discipline man shall not become righteous and without repentance man shall also not be able to present himself to God. Repentance is the other act to be taken, the other work to be done.
Without all those actions or works, man shall be nothing with the free given grace and shall not be able to go along the narrow road to enter the small or narrow gate about Christ Jesus is talking for that reason.

Becoming a Christian demands actions to be taken (like having and building up faith, letting yourself be baptised, building up a Christian life, following the Law of God, praying to and worshipping only the One True God and not kneeling down for any graven image or worshipping others). Yes there are do’s and don’ts in the World of Christ and the World of God. Those who are telling you, you do not have to do anything any more because your are saved, are misleading you. For sure, when you steal or commit murder and do not repent, you shall not be able to enter the Kingdom of God. Organisations or churches which are preaching salvation without having to do anything are misleading churches we do have to avoid.

Followers of Christ being asked to do things

Jesus asked his followers to meet regularly with each other (= a work to be done) and to go out in the world to proclaim the Good News of the coming Kingdom of God (= again another work to be done). It are we who have to go to the others and have to invite them to become part of the Body of Christ (= a work to be done). We have to bring the Gospel to others and open our hands and our spirit to them, taking the (house) church to him or her, his or her friends, his or her shop or house. It are we who have to adapt to him or her (a work to be done) rather than asking him or her to adapt to us (also a work to be undertaken), but this always in accordance to biblical teaching.

If we went looking for a church and did not find one, it can well be that we have come in such deep waters Jesus spoke about. But he asked his disciples and his followers to

“Put out into deep water, and let down the nets for a catch.” Luke 5:4-11 (once again a work to be done)

So if nothing is around us we ourself have to take the responsibility to throw out our nets and to try to catch fish (fishing = working). This shall mean that around our trips in the world we shall have to do missionary work. We have to proclaim the Word of God and tell others about the Good News of salvation and of the coming Kingdom of Peace, the Kingdom of God.

Jesus also asked to read in and to study the Scriptures (again a work that has to be done) and by doing so we shall receive knowledge and shall be able to grow. But we too have to help others to grow (again a work we have to do). Certainly when we do find no church nearby which brings Biblical truth, it is up to us to bring change in that.

When no Biblical sound church available, action to be taken

When it seems you can not find any Biblical sound church in your surroundings, you shall have to remember Jesus’ words and shall have to take action yourself. You should not be afraid to show others that you are and want to be a follower of Jesus Christ. You then shall have to decide to create your own little ‘heavenly garden’, you sacred place for God. It is up to you to decide to plant a seed for Christ and a seed for God. You have to choose ground were you can sow. You have to find some soil were you can start spitting and sowing.

Yes, it is up to you when you find yourself in the desert to find water and to start fertilising the barren grounds. This is all working which is part of the works asked by God. You have to keep to the Biblical teaching and not give in to the attractive human doctrines. You have to be so strong you get not tempted to become a partaker of false doctrines. That will demand works of faith, having and keeping yourself in control and not giving in to those human traditions.

You have to make yourself so strong that you show the outer world that you are a keen follower of Christ keeping up with his teachings and living according the Will of god, holding fast unto His regulations.

Do not think it will be easy. Do not imagine yourself it being done in one day. You shall need lots of patience and lots of guts and lots of perseverance. Let yourself not become discourage when you do not seem to attract many folks. You may see other churches grow a lot, even become mega churches. Many may look down at your efforts to create a small church.

But you have to be strong and standing full conviction in the storms of this world, loving God and showing others that God is the Real One worth all your love.



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