Why the church keeps losing it’s grounds.

The biggest problem in our capitalist world is that the church has lost its connection with its cornerstone Christ Jesus and that it is losing its hold because it’s losing sight of its God in totality.

Often in Christian communities the people in the parish expect others to speak in the same Christian lingo they speak and when they do hear you using other words than accustomed in their denomination they consider you as an invader or dangerous mole perhaps infecting their congregation.
In many countries and regions visitors are also evaluated on their dressing and naturally everybody is questioned about their lifestyle. Often there an other problem arises and we can see that the bigger, louder and vibrant the more popular a person can be.
Further in many denominations it is weird that the only one who seems to be authorised to speak the truth is the ‘sacred’ leader who in most instances cannot be questioned.

Those who want to look for the truth and find a true Body of Christ community should seek a place where not the preacher‘s word are dominant, but where most time of the worship service is used for the Word of God, reading in the Holy Scriptures.


Chioma, who likes to think of herself as an avid reader and a non-biased writer, got married and joined her husband to start their own little new home miles away from family.
It seems she has dancing family members which she misses. And we can imagine her missing dancing and lively singing in some English churches as well.

Having moved to the UK she finds the church still plagued by a different set of problems depending on the congregation.

Like most people when grown up in one denomination they have no idea of the variety of denominations in Christendom.

Growing up she had no memory of churches having so many fragments => with time so many divisions started to arise > Protestants, Anglicans, Methodist, Baptist, Evangelical ministries, Healing missions you name them, they exist.

  • within these sections = further division
  • level of division with church became more obvious (to her at least) in Uni => so many fellowships and churches to choose from
  • way of introduction = marketing strategy
  • if you didn’t accept the invite = people took it really personal => questioning your faith
  • message of Christ = love, unity and oneness = message that surpasses any particular church, group or denomination
  • professing faith + living for Him daily in words and actions, in open and in secret outweighs speaking the lingo of a particular denomination, or dressing according to a particular code
  • predominantly white congregation = word of God limited + socializing accept of meeting slightly overemphasised
  • predominantly black congregation = words of pastor/visioner/leader to be overemphasised > his/hers interpretation of Bible seen as final
  • people made to see things through the leaders eyes
  • Culture = promoted, leaders = revered
  • membership matters more than follower-ship
  • religious façade = celebrated rather than character
  • one body = many members + members not all same function > though many = one body in Christ



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Growing up I had no memory of churches having so many fragments; but with time so many divisions started to arise. Protestants, Anglicans, Methodist, Baptist, Evangelical ministries, Healing missions you name them, they exist. Even within these sections lie a further division of some sort that has to do with preaching style, dressing styles, and rules that influence people’s general lifestyles. Is that really what the gospel hoped to achieve? I don’t think so.

The level of division with the church became more obvious (to me at least) in Uni, they were so many fellowships and churches to choose from, but I became a bit put off when the way they introduced themselves started to look like a marketing strategy.

“Join us because we have a great choir, the best on campus,”

“Join us because we are the cool Christian group in school,”

“Become one of us because we pray and live…

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