Today’s Thought: Go, tell my brethren (July 27)

Fellowship is a wonderful means of communion, partnership and sharing with the members of a family whose Head is God, the Father, and whose Son is the Lord Jesus. Several times during his ministry he identified his followers as his brethren, and after his resurrection he said to the women who were on their way to tell the disciples of the empty tomb:

“Go tell my brethren that they go into Galilee, and there shall they see me.”

By reason of this fact that we belong to a divine family we ought to be the more careful what we say and do in relation to our brethren (or sisters) who should come first in our responsibilities. And if what we have to say in writing an essay for a Bible Class, or in speaking from a platform is likely to offend, then we ought not to write or say it, and if our message is one of a critical, yet exhortative nature, then it ought to come from the scripture and not from personal feelings.

John Marshall, The New Life, pages 163,164.



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