Going deep into cultures to reach lost people

Today having many refugees entering Europe lots of people are afraid of an Islamisation. When they fear that Muslims world take over our regions and get the end of Christendom or Christianity, they should wonder if this would not be part of the unbelievers and not much believing people.

English: Map of The Christian World, with the ...
Map of The Christian World, with the largest Christian populations. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In case all Christians would be strongly standing in their shoes, having a good faith, we should not worry. But we agree that in this world today there are not many strong believers any-more. We may find those in Catholic countries who say they are a Christian, though they not keep to the rules nor faith of their so called church.

Having all those refugees coming into our regions and when confronted with their faith, people should show them what they believe and why. In case they have a good faith they should not worry and perhaps they even can convert others to their faith.

Real Christians have there a task. They should not wait longer and make work of their discipleship proclaiming their faith in the Good News of the coming Kingdom of God.

Being disciples of Christ they should show those around them how they follow the teachings of Christ and put all their hope in this sent one from God. When having faith in Christ, believing he is the son of God, the promised Messiah and the Way to God for all people, we should not fear those who also say they believe in One God, Allah, the Most High. Because each Christian also should believe in the same God, Allah, the Almighty Elohim Hashem Jehovah, the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Jesus and his disciples, the God of gods, the Divine Creator.

Real discipleship as a Christian means that one believes in that man of flesh and blood to be our saviour and gateway to God, and having a willingness to have a personal relationship with him. Knowing Jesus personally makes it possible to be transformed into his image through the constant exposure of the gospel of grace and this also in the context of a local religious community or church.

Having build up a relationship with Christ with a willingness to be his disciple, Jesus’ life and mission becomes ours as we live by faith in him in the everydayness of life by the Spirit’s power and by God His Church. The deeper a person’s discipleship, the deeper he or she goes into the culture to reach lost people.

Strange cultures or other peoples do not bring fear over him or her but let the believer go to him to call them welcome in our society of lovers of God.

Those entering in our regions may have a certain picture of Christians, because they can only measure them by their activities and by their hypocrisy of their lifestyle. Often it’s also the mouth of the “Christian” that ruins their own reputation. Many so called Christians have a very weak belief and their way of living is not according to what Jesus Christ demanded from his followers. Their way of speaking and reacting is often far away from what Jesus would do.

When people come to believe in Jesus they should not only accept the salvation by Christ but then should let him come into their heart and ask him to reign in their heart, making it that they can become a new person! This will not happen instantly. They shall have to work at their personality and it shall take time before they shall be clean or set apart (holy). They also shall have to bring up patience for others and shall have to be willing to come to others to help them on their way to God.

Many people speak out words before they think and then sorrow follows when they can’t take it back. To say, “I didn’t mean that” does nothing to the one who took the unleashed dart. Christians need to meditate on God’s word: that means study it, think about it, get it deep into the heart and then ask God to help control what comes out of the mouth.

English: 4th day of Evangelism training at Hun...
4th day of Evangelism training at Huntington Beach provided by LivingWaters Ministry which encourages and equips Christians to share their faith biblically the way Jesus did by obeying Jesus command to “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to everyone.” Mark 16:15 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When standing opposite other believers they have to be even more careful to show the right attitude so that they would not bring shame onto Christ.

Jesus said in Matthew 15:11 that it’s not what we eat that defiles us, but what comes out of our mouth that defiles us. We do have control over the tongue when we surrender everything to Christ and then strive to be like him. And we begin by filling our thoughts with his words through studying the Bible and letting God’s words renew our mind.

It is with the right tongue that we should speak to those around us and be witnesses for Jehovah, giving them a hand to find Jesus as the Way to God. That is what our discipleship means.


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