Fraternal Gathering 17th September 2016 Stafford & Newcastle Ecclesiae

English: The healing of the paralytic : wall p...
The healing of the paralytic : wall painting in the baptistry of the domus ecclesiae in Dura Europos. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Stafford & Newcastle Ecclesiae offer a warm invitation to anyone who can support their joint Fraternal Gathering this coming 17th September DV. To be held at Sheridan Hall, 54 Sandon Road, Stafford ST16 3HF Bro. Andrew Johnson (Kings Norton) speaking on *Discipleship Today*. Two studies based on the Luke Ch 9 reading for the day. *Working for the Master* & *Getting to know the Master*. Fraternal meeting starts at 4.00 pm followed by the usual extensive array of refreshments!

Both Ecclesias are small but nevertheless, hardworking and your welcomed support always gives us an encouraging boost, along with Brother Andrews theme for his study we know we will all be enriched in our fellowship together and enthused to continue the work of real disciples in these last days.

If anyone would like details of Staffords location and directions, please go to our website alternatively email or telephone 01785 780536 and a map will be forwarded along with a programme.


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