Best intimate relation to look for

In our search for God we may find a very useful manual. It is a library of 66 books  in which we can find lots of different stories recounting history of man. It brings stories of despair, discouragement, deceit, disillusionment, but also several of joy and hope.

If the bible told us only the stories of good times and grace filled lives; we would never know of His Presence in the hard and horrific times. {Searching for God – In Real Life}

But this is not doing justice to the Divine Creator, Who surely can be found easy in all the marvellous happenings, the blessings which came and still come over people. The world has been filled with good times in which clearly the Hand of God can be seen. Lots of beautiful stories we may hear for people who really felt the faithfulness of the Most High. Even when several people were not faithful to the God of gods we can see how He was willing to be with them and was guiding them to better situations. In good and bad times God is with His people and prepared to be there for those who are calling onto Him.

And people should come to know He is the Best One to call  on, in good and in bad times. With Him we would be best to have the best and most serious relationship. It is very important to be able to live in peace of mind and with a healthy relationship with Him. With the Most High man should see in Him their life Giver and should love to have a very intimate relationship with Him more intense than with the earthly father relationship. The relationship with the heavenly Father should be something very special no one would like to loose. It should be such a special unique relationship with God, different from any one else’s. Having such a special relationship shall demand special time with Him Who is Mightier than all other people.

…  so how you choose to confide in God will be different as well. Also, giving your time to God should never feel forced. If we go into a moment with Him and feel too stressed and as though we just have to get it over with, our hearts won’t be ready to be moved and met by our Lord. So don’t go into a time with God focusing on other things and feeling like this time is a burden, but when you seek to encounter the Holy Spirit, do so in a heart that is open and ready for change.

writes Laura from “Finding My True Reality” in “Summer Time with God“.

All flesh to worship Jehovah, the Only One True God
All flesh to worship Jehovah, the Only One True God

A person looking for God, willing to meet Him, must open his or her heart first and should consider what he or she is willing to accept from that other One Who nobody has ever seen. He or she has to be willing to put his or her faith in the Invisible, the Untouchable, the Omnipotent, the All-knowing, the All-Mighty, Everlasting God of gods Who is King above all gods and king over al kings and Master over all masters.

The Most Mighty ever God of gods deserves a much deeper, personal time with us than any other being.  He is the Supreme Being Who opposite to man always is willing to give His ear to those Who are looking for Him.

When giving Him time you shall notice, like Laura that

He listens to you whenever you speak to Him, but when you quiet yourself and surrender to Him, He speaks back to you.

She also discovered that

Our relationship with our Father is not a one-sided relationship where only we do the speaking, but God longs for us to hear to what He has to say as well. He speaks to us when we are focused and vulnerable to His works. Personal time with God is crucial for growing as a Believer. {Summer Time with God}

Also about the relationship This One Eternal Being, not like contingent beings she, like many others looking for God has discovered that God is completely different than any human being, who so often has difficulties in a relationship when something went wrong and when forgiveness is in need.

The point in forgiving is to learn to love and move on from the situation. That cannot happen if we still hold a grudge against the person. That feeling is not found in God, and can’t be found in us if we want to forgive. {The Attitude of Forgiveness}

He forgives us as soon as we apologize. He condones us even before. He is perfect and forgives as forgiveness should be. He forgets about it and just wants to see the future and move on to grow from the situation. God’s promise is that there will be no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus (Romans 8:1). {The Attitude of Forgiveness}

This attitude of forgiveness, which we also should make our own, is the diamond in the making strong of our relation with the heavenly Father. Jesus reconciled man with the heavenly Father and by God His special gift Christ Jesus we now can come ‘unlimited’ to the Father of Jeshua (Jesus Christ). By the acceptance of the ransom offering of Jeshua we receive the grace of salvation, and either can ignore it or take it and be thankful for it and live up to it.

Like Jesus is one with his heavenly Father we too have to become one with Christ and one with His God, the Elohim Hashem Jehovah.

For many Christianity can be a step out of our comfort zone. God calls us to follow Him and serve Him.

No way can that happen while we are still doing our everyday tasks like normal. Coming out of our comfortable, safe zones is a leap of faith! It requires us to have faith in God. We put our trust in Him and He promises to protect us. He wants us to say to ourselves and shout to the world that we love Him and long to obey Him. {Out of the Comfort Zone}

It may take years, even several decennials, before a person really comes to a nice intimate relationship with God. Often man has to go different paths and takes a lots of sideways or detours. Though when he  or she sincerely looks for the Most Supreme, the God of gods is willing to shed a light in the darkness and to be a beacon to be found. Our eyes should be on the seamark.

Laura admits:

Making a step out of the comfort zone isn’t going to be easy.

though she also thinks

But life with God isn’t.

And for that we would not agree with her, because a life with God makes everything so much easier. But then perhaps we see also one of Laura’s problems. It seems she also takes Jesus to be her god. Jesus Messiah should be the Way to God and God’s Kingdom, but is not The God. To come to God is easier when we make a move for Jesus, which as told in previous article, is different for everyone.

Lots of people also do have a different opinion of what a Christian is or should be.

Man should come to see that it is important in life to find God and to strive to keep moving forward, and best in the right direction. Going through life man has to open his heart for God. When a person is willing to that he or she shall see that God walks with man every day of his life. When the soul thirsts for the Mighty living God, He shall be very close. He is also the One Who shall be able to restore health, bringing a person to relief and healing.

Jer 30:17 The Scriptures 1998+  (17)  ‘For I restore health to you and heal you of your wounds,’ declares יהוה {Jehovah}, ‘for they have called you an outcast saying, “This is Tsiyon, no one is seeking her.” ’

Jer 33:6 The Scriptures 1998+  (6)  ‘See, I am bringing to it relief and healing. And I shall heal them and reveal to them the riches of peace and truth.

יהוה {Jehovah} should be the One and Only One God, no others next to Him.

Isa 44:8 The Scriptures 1998+  (8)  ‘Do not fear, nor be afraid. Have I not since made you hear, and declared it? You are My witnesses. Is there an Eloah besides Me? There is no other Rock, I know not one.’ ”

Isa 44:6 The Scriptures 1998+  (6)  “Thus said יהוה {Jehovah}, Sovereign of Yisra’ĕl, and his Redeemer, יהוה {Jehovah} of hosts, ‘I am the First and I am the Last, besides Me there is no Elohim.

The Divine Maker of the heavens and the earth and all what is to find in the universe, reminds the people that they are distinct from the rest of the beings of the world and have to make themselves distinguished between clean animals and unclean ones. But those who love God should distinguish themselves also from those who do not want to live with God. We should know that it is God Who chooses us.
Just as God has chosen us, we must act in His ways, by choosing the clean creatures of the world and the clean way to live in accordance to the Will of God.

Coming closer to the conclusion of times God’s chosen people shall have to come to see that God has chosen also other people than the Jewish race. Israel had time enough, but often rejected God. By the developing time God opened the way for all people to come back to Him in a restored relationship.

Though to come to a close relationship there has to be first respect for the Most High and a listening ear. That listening ear should also come to hear what God wants form us and how He wants us to have a good relationship with Him. To seal that good relationship, God wants us to listen and to keep His commandments. For many it may seem very hard to find some of the clear lines and divisions that Tanakh provides. God has provided everything for a purpose and everything should come to fit in His Plan.

For those who may think it must be difficult to live when they choose for God we may advice to listen to God’s Words which can be found in the Holy Scriptures. In the Bible every person shall be able to find God His Word. In the Book of books people shall also come to see what God really wants from us.

In it is also written that if you walk in God His statutes and keep His commandments, and do them, then He will give you those things you need. If keeping the mitzvot God shall provide rain in its season, the land shall yield its produce, and the trees of the field shall yield their fruit, whilst we shall be able to see it, enjoy it and make use of it. God shall provide produce for nourishment. Nutrition for the body but also for the mind.
Those who love God and keep His commandments should not worry too much for their soul (their being)  because their threshing shall last till the time of vintage, and the vintage shall last till the time of sowing; having them to eat their bread to the full, and dwell in their land safely.

How more people shall come to see what the best way to live is, how closer we shall come to peace. It shall be God Who gives peace in the land. Even when there may be turmoil in places, those who honestly love God and keep His commands or Mitzvah, shall be able to find peace in their heart and be able to lie down, no one able to make them afraid.

All people of God, who keep God’s commands, keeping to His infallible Words and not that of man, shall have no fear of man and know that it is the Most High Elohim Who will rid the land of evil beasts, and the sword shall not go through our land of hope and glory, where the God always shall stand strong as the Most Secure Rock for our refuge.

It must be said that even when we shall have to chase our enemies it shall be the God of gods Who shall show them Who is the Mightiest. It will be the Almighty God Who will look favourably on those who go for Him. People may try to destroy the people of God, but they shall never be able to succeed. God shall lift them up above all others and God shall keep His promise He made with Abraham and make the people Israel fruitful. Yes God shall multiply them and establish His covenant with them.  Though many may not like it that the promised Land may be taken in by Israel, and Jerusalem shall become God’s city, man shall not be able to stop that. All lovers of God shall be pleased to find Jerusalem to become the capital of God’s Kingdom.

Those who are willing to keep their temple clean (“body and soul”) shall find the God willing to set His  tabernacle among them.

God His Soul (His Being) shall not abhor us and He will walk among us, who are giving our soul (our being) to Him. When we take the Elohim Hashem יהוה Jehovah to be our God, He will be wiling to be our God and to take us as His people.

Let us remember how it was Jehovah our God, who brought His people out of the land of Egypt, that they should not be their slaves. He not only has broken the bands of their yoke and made them walk upright.  Also for us He has provided deliverance. In Christ Jesus God brought salvation to all people who are willing to accept His son and Him Who is the Rightful Owner of everything.

But if we do not obey Him who gave His promises, and do not do all these commandments He has given to His people,  then we should worry. Those who despise God His statutes, or abhors God His  judgements, so that they do not do all God His commandments, but break His covenant,  Jehovah God also will do this to them and He will even appoint terror over them, wasting disease and fever which shall consume the eyes and cause pining away of soul.

If people do not obey God, then He will chastise them seven times more for their sins.  God shall it be also Who will break the pride of their power. It is up to us to choose if we want to be corrected by God. He has given His Guide to the world so that by His Words in the book of books all can have themselves be corrected by the Elohim. But if you prefer to walk contrary to Jehovah God, then He also will walk contrary to you, and He will punish you yet seven times for your sins.  In case you do find it so difficult to walk with God, perhaps it is not bad to look for it if you are really walking with God and not having other gods in front of your eyes, worshipping them instead of the One Real God!

Are you not keeping statues or bowing down in front of pictures of your god? Are you not worshipping your god with an amount of repeated words? Are you reading God His Word, the Bible regularly or are  you just happy to go to a church service where enough entertainment is given with songs and dances you can enjoy?

When we do want a good relationship with the heavenly Father we should take care that we live according to His rules and regulations.

Lev 26:3-15 The Scriptures 1998+  (3)  ‘If you walk in My laws and guard My commands, and shall do them,  (4)  then I shall give you rain in its season, and the land shall yield its crops, and the trees of the field yield their fruit.  (5)  ‘And your threshing shall last till the time of the grape harvest, and the grape harvest shall last till the time of sowing. And you shall eat your bread until you have enough, and shall dwell in your land safely.  (6)  ‘And I shall give peace in the land, and you shall lie down and no one make you afraid. And I shall clear the land of evil beasts, and not let the sword go through your land.  (7)  ‘And you shall pursue your enemies, and they shall fall by the sword before you.  (8)  ‘And five of you shall pursue a hundred, and a hundred of you pursue ten thousand. And your enemies shall fall by the sword before you.  (9)  ‘And I shall turn to you and make you bear fruit, and shall increase you, and shall establish My covenant with you.  (10)  ‘And you shall eat the old supply, and clear out the old because of the new.  (11)  ‘And I shall set My Dwelling Place in your midst, and My being shall not reject you.  (12)  ‘And I shall walk in your midst, and shall be your Elohim, and you shall be My people.  (13)  ‘I am יהוה {Jehovah} your Elohim, who brought you out of the land of Mitsrayim, from being their slaves. And I have broken the bars of your yoke and made you walk upright.  (14)  ‘But if you do not obey Me, and do not do all these commands,  (15)  and if you reject My laws, or if your being loathes My right-rulings, so that you do not do all My commands, but break My covenant,

Lev 26:42-46 The Scriptures 1998+  (42)  then I shall remember My covenant with Yaʽaqob, and also My covenant with Yitsḥaq, and also remember My covenant with Aḇraham, and remember the land.  (43)  ‘For the land was abandoned by them, and enjoying its Sabbaths while lying waste without them, and they were paying for their crookedness, because they rejected My right-rulings and because their being loathed My laws.
(44)  ‘And yet for all this, when they are in the land of their enemies, I shall not reject them, nor shall I loathe them so as to destroy them and break My covenant with them. For I am יהוה {Jehovah} their Elohim.  (45)  ‘Then I shall remember for their sake the covenant of the ancestors whom I brought out of the land of Mitsrayim before the eyes of the nations to be their Elohim. I am יהוה {Jehovah}.’ ”  (46)  These are the laws and the right-rulings and the Torot1 which יהוה {Jehovah} made between Himself and the children of Yisra’ĕl on Mount Sinai by the hand of Mosheh. Footnote: 1Torot – plural of Torah, teaching.



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