Today’s thought “nonsense surrounding the many gods” (July 28)

Today’s thought

“nonsense surrounding the many gods”

(July 28)

In this world lots of people are against the God of Israel. Many claim their does not exits a God Who created everything. Strangely enough we do find lots of people in this world who have turned their back on God Almighty, the creator of the universe, and have preferred to make their own gods or idols where they expect a lot form or put their hope on.

Lots of people today are ashamed of the gospel or find it a book of non important tales.  In several countries lots of people worship all sorts of gods, give food and clothes to them and burn incense for them. We can wonder why people do have to give them food and clothes, as if those gods are not capable to take care of themselves.

File:Lange Gasse 34 Detail.jpg
Holy Trinity in architecture – Lange Gasse 34

We also find several people in our surroundings who believe in a three headed god. For them Jesus is a god son and also God. They seem to for get that the Divine Creator God is an all knowing eternal God. Being eternal means that he has no beginning or birth and no end or death. ‘All knowing’ means He knows everything and nobody can hide anything for Him.  We are also told that the God of gods does not tell lies. But when we listen to those trinitarians who say Jesus is God and look at Jesus and listen to him, than we hear Jesus telling he does not know who is going to be seated next to him or when he would be coming back. In case Jesus is God and does knows everything we only can conclude that Jesus would be lying. In case Jesus is God, than that is in contradiction with the Biblical saying that God does not tell lies. In case Jesus would be God than he would not tell lies and than he can not be a liar.  We may assume that Jesus also did not sin, what entails that he did not tell lies. As such when he said he did not know it, he did not know it, and as such can not be an all knowing god. He than even has less equality with the upper God or main God, whilst in polytheist communities the divisional gods often have more equality with the main or upper god, so why would we call those than polytheists and the trinitarians monotheists?

The apostle Paul lets his followers know that the Gospel makes sense, compared to the nonsense surrounding the many gods (of human imagination) the Romans believed in, and when we place it to the gods of today, also to the many worshippers of today.

There are many in our surroundings who prefer to follow worthless idols and do not see themselves become worthless, having  following vanity and having become vain, acting emptily.

When we listen to the Words of God as written in the Scriptures we can hear a lot of difference with many religious groups their ideas about the living and the dead. In many religious groups we can find people who have put their hope on an after life, they when they die going to the heaven or changing into an other being (a man or animal). We should become aware that all such ideas are based on philosophical thoughts and not on Biblical literature. The stories of the many virgins waiting martyrs is also not Biblical.

We should use our brains and consider all aspects of all ideas and put it in the light of what the Creator provided for mankind to know. When we really want to study the Bible and take a close look at what is written in all those books, we shall see that it is not such a nonsense in it than the many tales and stories of fairies, angels, stars etc. people tell their kids and live with. Lots of people like such traditions of twaddle or tommyrot.

Though many find the Bible nonsense they often tell their kids more irrational tales than those written in the Bible.

We should remind others that the Most High and Only One True God hates anything that tries to take His rightful place. The God of love is patient with His people but to patience sometimes may come an end or sometimes a parent has to take sincere measures to have their kids learn something. Also with man, God sometimes had to teach them a lesson and had to punish them (You may find such interactions of God in the books of Jeremiah, Lamentations, and Ezekiel).  It is not a matter to play with. For the High Divine Creator it is a serious matter.

It is very important to let the writings from God come into your heart, and to have them feed you with knowledge. Believing in the Word of God we can allow it to become a power in our lives – influencing every aspect of our thinking and doing.Let us embrace “the power of God” through ‘the original gospel’ – showing this in every aspect of the way we live our lives.


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