God’s never-ending stream of much-needed mercies

In this system of things, possibly coming very close to the conclusion of system of things, we can find lots of people who do not know any more how they can feel comfortable, painless, peaceful and happy.
For many this ‘real life’ has become a bit or a lot more than they can bear.

This ‘real life’ has robbed me of the joy this New Beginning was to bring. {Searching for God – In Real Life}

writes Janee White who is married to Ken for 12 years. She also says she stopped running from Christ,

and by the Grace of God alone, I am alive today to tell you of the wonderful things He has done.

For her she had the Cross as her looking-glass by which she saw herself through the lens of her past. She also tells

within the pages of scripture, I found the truth of who I really am {My Book}

This is something we can often hear from people who got to read the Bible. Though we do find it strange, lots of them often get to reading it once and by doing so might not have found The One behind the Book. It is naturally lovely to find a book that can give an insight of ourselves, but the main reason of the Book of books is to bring us closer to the real True God of gods.

For the writer of the above mentioned book, writing:

Instead of this new life being full of Divine Appointments, it seems to be full of nothing but demonic disappointment.
And that’s the revelation I had today – I’m disappointed with myself, and I’m disappointed with God.
Where do I go from here? HOW do I go from here?” {Searching for God – In Real Life}

we can only advice to take up the Holy Scriptures once more and to go throughout the many books (66) and to try to take the words for what they say. Too often when people who come from a church attending  family we see that they are not able to take distance from those church teachings. But that is what you have to do when you really want to uncover the Scripture writings.

Page from Book of Hours, with three differenti...
Page from Book of Hours, with three differentiated human figures for the Trinity (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is by putting aside human doctrinal teachings, like the Holy Trinity, daring not to think ‘God the son‘ when there is written ‘son of God‘ and to read ‘Jesus‘ and not ‘God‘ when there is written Jesus that  you might come into insight and come to see the wonders God has done and Whom or What you should be following.

Lots of people are in darkness at the moment. They should know they can find an incredible light, which is strengthened by Jeshua, Jesus Christ, the son of God.
Those not seeing the light and not feeling at ease, should not worry, even when they not straight ahead get all the answers, because the answers do not come at once.

When man, who are created in the image of God, are allowed by God to be here on earth, they are expected by God to fulfil the quest for God. People during those times of overwhelming darkness in their life should know that God is always there to jump in when necessary. God does not leave His creation on its own. Those who sincerely are searching Him He will guide, even when it is not directly notable. Perhaps God tests our patience? In any case we may be sure Jehovah God is always there, ready to come to rescue the one who is pleading for Him.

When we are feeling down, when we are feeling weak, when we do not see it any more, God is there to hear us call for Him. Is that not the least we can expect from Him, that He wants us to come to Him as well. We have to be willing to go to God and to accept Him as our heavenly Father Who knows best for us.

When we are willing to come to know more about Him, even when we do not know Him yet rightly, He shall be wiling to build us back up again, when in the depths. We may be sure, more than once in our life we shall encounter difficult moments. It matters to come out of them stronger instead of weaker. And God is willing to give that force. By the Force of the Spirit God we can encounter the difficulties of this earth and work ourselves throughout this era of ungodliness.

Nice to hear that we can find people who honestly dare to say:

In fact, without God’s never-ending stream of much-needed mercies and sanctifying-grace, I honestly do not know where I would be today. {Dealing with Anxiety through Contentment in Jesus}

Each person shall be at a different place in his or her quest to God and his or her track can never be equalised with an other searcher. But all man shall have to search their heart and shall have to look for the Truth. That is an inborn ‘instinct‘.

God’s Truth has to be found by man. Man shall have to come to see what went wrong in the Garden of Eden and how the relationship with the Divine Creator has to be restored. God wants us to find Him and he has provide the means.

If you are living your life, but are not sure where God has been during your worst moments, when you find yourself in your worst moment, you may find that you feel similar to the Psalmist – panting for the blessing of God!

Psa 42:1-2 The Scriptures 1998+  (1)  As a deer longs for the water streams, So my being longs for You, O Elohim.  (2)  My being thirsts for Elohim, for the living Ěl When shall I enter in to appear before Elohim?

Psa 42:9-11 The Scriptures 1998+  (9)  I say to El my Rock, “Why have You forgotten me? Why do I go mourning because of the oppression of the enemy?”  (10)  My enemies have reproached me, Like a crushing of my bones, While they say to me all day long, “Where is your Elohim?”  (11)  Why are you depressed, O my being? And why are you restless within me? Wait for Elohim: for I shall yet thank Him, the deliverance of my face, And my Elohim.

Lots of people around us may be very dejected, and can so disturb us, we are very annoyed with their actions and reactions. Though we should come to a point where we can come to believe we should put all of our hope in One Who stands above all man, and should look at Him as our God. When we come to such a point, like the sinner king David did, we shall be able to see what happened in our life by the Hand of God and how salvation comes over us. Yes we shall even see that like king David got a special preferred leading position, we also shall be able to find we get blessings already in this life, by choosing for the right One God.

But such never ending stream of goodness requires from man that he  keeps loyal to the Only One Whose Might and Name should be known all over the world. The Divine Creator expects those who want to come close to Him to be willing to listen to Him. His Voice can be found in the Holy Scriptures or Bible, which we should take up regularly and use it as our manual for life.


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