An attitude taken to those who attack us and other unitarians

For Christadelphians or Brothers in Christ it is important to walk in the ways Jesus Christ showed us to walk, after God.  In the Bible the word “Walk” is also used to denote our conduct in this life or our walk in life. Too many who call themselves Christian do seem to forget that. They seem to get a pleasure in calling others names and to break down other religious groups. When we look at their writings we clearly can see they do not seem to have or to know the Agapè love which is a love of the mind, loving regardless of feelings of negativity by others.

Real Christians should have respect for others and should show agapè love, even to a person who one would think does not deserve love. Agape love, loves all those that are undeserving of any love.

When bearing the name Christadelphian one should belong to a brotherhood of Christ loving people. As Brethren in Christ one has to bear that attitude in blood and soul and carry that agape love that was demonstrated by Jesus Christ for all the ungodly! One can even go so far to say that agape love is carrying the love of God for all those who do not deserve the love of God, through Jesus Christ!

Belgian Biblestudents Website

Daily we encounter in our mail box and on the net people who act aggressively to us. We may find lots of people, like  Vake Biblia, Cross Roman and Mr. Dave Norris who continually writes articles about the Belgian Christadelphians and the Belgian Bible Students, which are all wrong sayings, not to say just lies. This can sometimes make it difficult to keep calm. We and the Belgian Biblestudents in a sensible way tired to have Mr. Norris come to see that he has it wrong and writes about totally different groups than ours. Though he keeps writing about us as if we are the Jehovah’s Witnesses or a “Watchtower Belgian Bible student movement” and the American International Biblestudents. He also refuses to give the right of reply and does not show the replies several Bible students and some Biblestudents organisations gave.

He does not seem to understand that we also do prefer to keep to Biblical doctrines and take the first of the 10 commandments seriously.

The first three,

  • I am the Lord your God… you shall have no other gods besides me.
  • You shall not make an idol, or bow down to other gods or worship them.
  • You shall not make wrongful use of the name of the Lord your God.

set God as the ultimate authority.

The last few months we were harassed by several people who claim they are Christian but who showed a language which is not worthy of an educated person, be it an agnostic, atheist or a believer in God.

Some of them who attacked us, like Mr. Norris, bear false witness and by doing so undermine Christianity, because they themselves give a very bad example and try to bring disunity and anger by others. They tear down the fabric of trust essential to a strong community. One can wonder why they take such aversion against some faith-groups.

Dave Norris against many church denominations like Catholics-Christadelphians-Biblestudents-Jehovah’s wtinesses,-Pentecostals-Evangelicals+denominational heresy

Mr. Norris clearly having something very serious against (Roman) Catholics, Pentecostals, New Apostolic Reformation, MormonsHebrew Roots Movement, Unitarians or Non-Trinitarians like Jehovah’s Witnesses but especially Christadelphians and Bible Students. We can even wonder if he became so much frustrated in life and does see something in the Belgian Christadelphians and Belgian Bible students which triggers his anger him longing for something they have or envying something that belongs to us. Perhaps he is annoyed with an us-and-him dynamic, or resentment, or unhealthy competition, which works against a goal of harmony.

With the knowledge that it is more important to go and be reconciled, to resolve differences with those who have something against us, we did everything we and the Belgian Biblestudents could, to bring Mr. Norris to his senses.

We remember the first audience of Matthew’s gospel which had been cast out of Jerusalem. The Hebrew temple had been destroyed. They were trying to establish a new way forward, and staying together as a community was essential. If significant divisions arose, they might be difficult to overcome.

We are fully aware that we are part of this world in a sense, by living in it. Being partakers of this life on earth we are also victims of this world its frictions. These moments of friction, in families and in communities, are inherent to our human existence. We even see evidence in Paul’s letter to the Corinthians. Some of these early Christians had aligned with Paul, who established the community but wasn’t physically present. Others were devoted to Apollos, a current leader among them. News of this division made it back to Paul, who wrote:

For as long as there is jealousy and quarreling among you, are you not… behaving according to human inclinations? For when one says, “I belong to Paul,” and another, “I belong to Apollos,” are you not merely human? What then is Apollos? What is Paul? … I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the growth.

Mature faith allows us to overcome the human inclination for division. It also keeps us looking to God for our growth. When we keep God at the centre, our actions are ones that build up community – not by following the letter of the law, but the spirit of God’s love.

It is a shame we have to see such writings, giving false information about our and our brethren their community. We only can try to show people who came over here out of curiosity, that many of those articles are bearing no right information at all. It is our duty to inform visitors on the internet about those who are against our community and distribute false messages. We ourselves are not going to spend many words on those people who have aversion or an intense dislike or repugnance against us.  We want to make sure that those who encounter such messages spreading false rumours about us, know that they are welcome here to look at what we believe, what we preach and how we want to treat others, even when they are against us.

This community we are called to build-up isn’t limited to those inside our walls. It’s not only for those who believe, look, and act like we do. The community that Jesus calls us to is one that includes all people. Also the ones who hate us. Also for them who sent us all such awful words and wish to see us burn in hell for ever.

Also to them who wish that we would have an eternal torture by hellfire we want to show that Jesus is the way to God and the way to love … a love which we should share with each other.

As Brethren in Christ we will proclaim by word and example the Good News of God in Christ. We will seek and serve Christ in all persons, loving our neighbour as ourselves. And we will strive for justice and peace among all people, and respect the dignity of every human being.

As a community we want to be in union with Christ but also be united with all that are open for the God of Israel. For us it may not be easy to regularly come across  such people who lie about us and love to do damage to our community. Then it may require a lot of patience and self control not to fall in the trap they so much like we would fall in. Let us hope that readers from their websites shall be smart enough to go and look for themselves who we really are and what we really think. Let us hope also that the newly formed site to unmask those people can shed some light on them but also on groups like ours, and most of all make them to see why we need to follow God and His Word given to us in the Bible as the infallible Word of God. Therefore the site “Unmasking the anti-Jehovah people” shall first bring a series on those Holy Scriptures with “A book to trust” (up to January 2019), followed by a series “Where the Divine lies hidden” (January 2019),  to bring in February 2019 “How do you keep an eye out for heretical teachings?”, followed by a series “Possible arguments and proofs about the existence of God” (February 2019) and a series with the title “Trinitarians making their proof for existence of God look ridiculous” (from February to May 2019) where-after the Belgian Bible Students shall discuss “Non-religious opposing religious people” (May 2019). We invite you all to have a visit at that new site in defence of all that love the Only One true God.

Unmasking anti-Jehovah people and sites – by Believers in One God

Each time we make our words and actions ones that lead with love, kindness, and reconciliation, we live into our shared purpose of bringing the kingdom of heaven near.

Let’s go out and do that today – with God’s help.

It’s Time real lovers of God to Stand and Speak Out!


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