Hope that those who take Jesus as their god shall come to accept and subject to him

In this world we find lots of people who do not believe in the Divine Creator God. But we also find lots of people who believe in a god who was declared by the Most High God above all gods, to be His only begotten son.

That God Who declared that man standing in the river Jordan to be His son, is the Only One Who has all life in Him. It is He Who allows people to be. He gives and takes life. It is also Him Who looks at this world and sees those who are born from the flesh and being of the world, but also notices those who are born of God and can can overcome the world. It is That Creator God Who promised some one to make an end to the curse of death. It is That God Who provided the one who could bring victory that has overcome the world, Him calling for people to hear about His sent one and calling for believing in him, so that by their faith in him they can be saved (1 John 5:4).

Though in this world, like in ancient times and in the time of Jesus, there are many of little faith (e.g. Matthew 8:26; 14:31; 16:8). Global warming may bring over this world a lot more storms and difficult weather conditions. Many would blame God for this, forgetting they are at fault themselves. Others would say because of all those problems that come over this earth it would be impossible there exists a god or there being a very cruel god.

Many forget that at the beginning of the world God made a promise. Jehovah God, the Divine Creator, was going to sent one who would proof that man could be true to God and fulfil His will. God gave that man of flesh and blood, the son of man and God His only begotten beloved son, the authority to bring everything under his control, so that the lowly bodies of those who accepted His sent one would become like his glorious body.Though to our regret, we still find so many who walk as enemies of the offering at the wooden stake of Christ (the Stauros or stake). They do not have their citizenship in heaven, because they worship more than One God. The sent one from God they have made into their god.
Somehow there may be still hope for them, because they, like us, also eagerly await a saviour they also call “the Lord Jesus Christ”.
We  can only hope they shall come to recognise that saviour as the sent one from God who gave his life for the sins of many; so that by their acceptance of this son of God they may subject themselves to him and transform their lowly bodies so that they will be like his glorious body. (Phil 3:18-21). Hopefully those people who take Jesus as their god shall come to see that Jesus really died and rose from the dead. They should know that it is important to believe in that son of man who gave his life for many. For those receiving the message of Christ by faith shall be able to experience the power of his heavenly Father, the Only One True God.

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