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Not so long ago, when the internet came available for the general public, several institutions of the Christadelphians undertook the adventure to have some information about our faith and organisation placed on the World Wide Web.

When MSN started their groups we also jumped on the bandwagon to have an account and a group to present the Christadelphian believes and to open discussion. Soon we had so many articles and followers we had to pay for our account, because we used over the free bandwidth.

Christadelphians Multiply Welcome page
Christadelphians Multiply Welcome page

After some years MSN stopped with the groups and offered a transfer to Multiply. There (in 2005) we and the Bijbelonderzoekers (Bible researchers) and Biblestudents found a platform to show to the world that there were also others who loved and praised Jehovah, outside the Jehovah Witnesses, the most well known non-trinitarian faith-group in Christendom. Some time later MSN also stopped their accounts and Messenger. This made us to look for other ways to get our messages across.

When Multiply saw its quits, the Christadelphians were pleased to find WordPress as an ideal tool to place messages at a condition we could afford. Our budget being too law, we are pleased we still can use a free account on WordPress, making only copyrights, press material, our office and server costs adding to the bill.

Published articles are placed to be read. But than the public should be aware of them being published. The majority of surfers on the net has no WordPress account and therefore can not be notified by WordPress when there is a new publication, except when people subscribed to the e-mail notification. Though lots of web users prefer to be connected with Facebook.

When Facebook came off the ground, the Christadelphians also opened an account. For years it was a good means to have interested people notified of our publications on WordPress. This year came an end to the Facebook account because Facebook changed her policy and does not allow groups, institutions, non-governmental organisations or non-individuals to have a Facebook Account. Luckily they provided the possibility to have a Facebook page, so that Facebook members still can be in contact with their favourites. From 2006 there was already such a feature of News Feed highlights information that included profile changes, upcoming events, and birthdays, among other updates. In 2011, Facebook launched a Subscribe button and from 2016 only individuals could have an account and pages became the alternative for institutions, organisations, publishers and companies.

2016/07/11 Start of a new Facebook page, from the Belgian Christadelphians
2016/07/11 Start of a new Facebook page, from the Belgian Christadelphians

The Belgian Christadelphians not having any contact any more with Facebook readers created also a Facebook page so that Facebook users still could get a notification when we publish an article on this or on one of our other sites.  When a person “Likes” the pages and indicates he or she wants to have a notification by a new message, each individual can follow what is new on the net. Therefore we would like to invite you also to come to like our Facebook page and to “like it”.

We do know that Facebook is one of the most popular web sites on the Internet, due to its ability to connect family and friends in an easily accessible manner. It is a lovely handy way to get in contact with people and to stay connected. Now with the new Facebook page we do hope to be able to offer a continued link between reader and our website. We plan to use it as a clearinghouse that makes it easy for followers and visitors to find our other online presences and to take contact with our office.

Articles published on this WordPress platform and our sister platform Broeders in Christus (Brethren in Christ) shall automatically place an opening paragraph or we will provide a summary from our Google Blogger blogspot and then link the posts automatically via our Facebook page.

ShareThis LogoOur aim is not to have a commercial profitable business, but we must say we do need enough readers and somehow also do have to feel that all the work we do is of some value. Encouragement is always welcome. Therefore we placed the “Like” buttons and “Share” buttons in the hope people will make use of it and let us be better known by others.

We also do hope the Facebook page will make it easier to follow up comments and reactions. We do agree we get hundreds of letters in our mailbox every day, and being limited in time, personal and finances, we are not able to reply all in time. By the Facebook Page we do hope to notice any reaction much quicker. We do not want to  ignore any comments or posts that appear on our wall. We also promise to respond much faster to those who have taken the time to contact us by this means as well as to those who react directly to the concerned pages (what we already did and preferred in the past). We are willing to  think about Facebook postings as the same as business calls, so we do hope people will make use of it in that way.

Please, when you have questions or comments about our organisation or ecclesia (church) do feel free to contact us by means of writing on the pages under Visitors Posts (look for such postings on the left) or by sending a message via the system.

We sincerely hope that many of our Facebook page members and readers shall  “Share” content from and on our Facebook page. As such other members shall be able to learn from other material as well.

We also do hope that people from our audience will tell others about any valuable information we have on our page.

Facebook lives on sharing and interacting with others. When you work hard to give valuable resources to your audience, they will return the favor via informing their own networks of your content and possibly getting you more prospective customers. {Marketing Plan Online}

Our aim is not making money online. Though an income would always be welcome … therefore people wanting to donate for our working are always welcome. We do not try to sell something except when you take it figuratively. We try to sell for free the Word of God. Our aim is to make church or to bring people to God and to have them to find an ecclesia or church or make them gathering to worship God.

With us no storefronts of our own to sell goods. It is even so that we are aware that That what we want to bring into the public is something what does not sell well. Not many are interested in what we want to offer. No gadgets, no fashion goods, but that does not mean that what we publish should stay unnoticed or unknown.

Feed Computer icon.In the past news from the Christadelphians was placed on Christadelphian World, which in March 2014 changed name to Our World. From now onwards we shall bring the announcements of Christadelphian events and activities on this webside instead of on “Our World“. For those who do not like RSS feeds or e-mail-subscriptions by Blogger or WordPress with the Facebook Page they now shall be able to follow new publications by the messages on the Facebook page or in their own Facebook account.

We invite you to have a look at the following Facebook Pages. It would be nice if you like them and click on the “Like” button. Still better would be if you also would like to invite others to get to know those pages and to like them.

We also shall appreciate it when you’ll find some interesting articles that you shall share them and get other Facebook users to come to look at our Facebook Page but also at our websites.

The Facebook Pages

The Christadelphian Facebook Page

The Free Christadelphians - Facebook Page 2016/07/22
The Free Christadelphians – Facebook Page 2016/07/22

Christadelphia or Worldwide Christadelphian community

Christadelphia Facebook Page 2016/07/22
Christadelphia Facebook Page 2016/07/22

Christadelphian Biblestudents

Christadelphian Biblestudents Facebook Page 2016/07/22
Christadelphian Biblestudents Facebook Page 2016/07/22

You also may find the Biblestudents Community Facebook Page interesting

Biblestudents Facebook Page
Biblestudents Facebook Page


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