Flemish Brethren site cleaned up

Since Multiply stopped by offering blog services and our move to WordPress with the ex-MSM sites (which were transferred to Multiply) to a Broeders in Christus site and the ecclesia site Christadelphians, and to Blogger with the other Multiply sites, the links in the Googlesite Broeders in Christus to the many Multiply pages and articles did not work any more. For a while we left them unchanged. But now at last we came to clean up the site and added several new articles.

We tried to get some encyclopedic form of articles so that at our regular sites we could place links to the particular subjects to the articles on the Flemish Brethren site as well as on the Belgian Christadelphians Google site.

Some of the article could use an English equivalent. Perhaps in the future we shall provide a translation on the Googlesite of the Belgian Christadelphians.

In case you find certain aspects should be covered by us (in English or Dutch) please let us know. Dutch speaking readers are welcome to find already the following articles:


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