Transfer site opened to the public

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Today we started transferring the previous Multiply postings to a temporary website: Christadelphians on Blogger or Christadelphian World.

It shall take some hours to transfer all the writings. Once transferred we shall consider if we are going to make them visible for the general public. At the moment of this writing about 1750 articles were already transferred and 2250 to go.

This is icon for social networking website. Th...
This is icon for social networking website. This is part of Open Icon Library’s webpage icon package. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It would take ages to transfer those 4000 postings placed manually on this site. So in case there are readers who would like to have already access to those writings, please do let us know.

In case there would be enough readers interested we shall make all the articles already available on Blogger.


We also would like to bring to your attention that Bijbelvorser or Bibleresearcher started from scratch on WordPress. Perhaps some of his previous articles on Multiply shall also find their way on his website:  Bijbelvorser = Bible Researcher


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  • Multiply to shut down by December 1 2012 (
    As announced last August, will be shutting down its social network service (which includes blogs, notes, photos, links, among others) by December 1, 2012 to focus on becoming “Southeast Asia’s premier online marketplace.”
  • New Blogging Site? (
    It’s not a big deal but I think I’m going to move to instead.
    Today it just really annoyed me that I would have to pay $30/year to WordPress just so I can choose my own font to use.
  • The 5 Most Important Programming Languages For Bloggers (
    There is plenty of software out there to makes bloggers’ lives a lot easier, making it simple to design a site with not even basic html knowledge. Yet some people just want to have full control.
  • 9 Useful IFTTT Recipes for Bloggers (
  • 16 of the Most Common WordPress Mistakes (
    Just as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, there is one fact of life we can’t argue with – we all make mistakes. And while there isn’t a lot we can do to prevent them, we can learn from our mistakes. Even better, we can learn from other people’s mistakes!

13 thoughts on “Transfer site opened to the public

  1. After many hours at day and night I managed to place the 4226 Multiply messages on the new website

    I hope you can see and like the Favicon I placed in the URL bar. I did not seem to be able to place the newer CBM symbol, but this older Globe does the job well I think.

    In the hope you, the Christadelphian community, and other believers appreciate all the work I am putting into it.
    With kind regards,


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