Today’s thought “They did as Jehovah God commanded Moses” (April 17)

Today’s thought

“They did as Jehovah God commanded Moses”

(April 17)

Numbers 36


Sometimes situations arise when we are vexed by a question and we don’t know what to do. Often the answer is found in the word of God.  At other times our situation is not covered by what is in the Bible and neither is it a matter of conscience. At those times we can either make a decision ourselves based on our own knowledge and understanding, or we can ask God for help in our decision making.

The Daughters of Zelophehad (illustration from the 1908 Bible and Its Story Taught by One Thousand Picture Lessons)

The tribe of Manasseh had one of these problems so they decided to ask the LORD through Moses for the solution. God gave the tribe the answer they came for concerning the daughters of Zelophehad. In many ways it could have been quite a harsh answer to their question. They were to marry only within their clan so that their inheritance would not pass out of the tribe in the year of Jubilee.

But what if there were no suitable men in their tribe? What if they were in love with someone from another tribe? We do not know what their personal circumstances were at the time, but we do know what the Bible says about them.

“So Zelophehad’s daughters did as the LORD commanded Moses.” (Num 36:10)

Whether it was convenient or whether they wanted to or not, they did what the LORD commanded them to do.

Sometimes the answers we get are not always what we would like to hear, but even then, let us do as Zelophehad’s did, doing as the LORD commands us.

– Robert Prins

Daughters of Zelophehad – Dalziel’s Bible Gallery – design by Frederick Richard Pickersgill



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