Today’s thought “Shine where you are” (April 16)

Today’s thought

“Shine where you are”

(April 16)

Numbers 35

The Levites were not given a piece of land within the boundaries of Israel as their inheritance. Instead the Levites were scattered throughout the land and were given various cities within the areas of the other tribes.


This is what the children of Israel were told:

“In all you must give the Levites forty-eight towns, together with their pasture lands. The towns you give the Levites from the land the Israelites possess are to be given in proportion to the inheritance of each tribe: Take many town from a tribe that has many, but few from the one that has few.” (Num 35:7-8)

The result of this would be that the Levites would be relatively evenly distributed around the land of Israel. This was good because the role of the Levites was to be the part of Israel that worked for God. In the wilderness the were in charge of the Tabernacle. In the land, we can assume that they were there to teach and to encourage the rest of the people to serve the LORD.


In many ways, we have a similar role today. God has not gathered all the believers into one big city, but has spread us around the various cities and towns of the world so that we can shine God’s light for others to see. So let us do our bit in the corner of the world God has given us to shine in.

–  Robert Prins

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