Thought for today November the 6th: Indifference

From the previous bible readings this month we saw that many had lost the connection with the Only True God. It is part of indifference which is a cause man allows himself to be carried away by human philosophy. All those writings of so called theologians bringing other ideas than the Word of God gives to the world, makes that lots of people are carried away far from the Biblical truth and that way often also very far from God.

In this world there are lots of people who call themselves Christian, but who are not so much interested in Christ Jesus and his God, nor in the Bible. They are only name Christians, who often also do not show a really good Christian attitude. Many of them who say they are a Christian use very similar awful words like the opposers of God use. They not only mock the world from a superior position, but often make a mockery of God, by telling God knows everything and at the same time telling that Jesus is God, though Jesus even did not know when he would come back or who would be seated next to him in the Kingdom of God.

A lot of people hearing all contradictory messages from people who say they are Christian, make it that lots of people getting older start to become more indifferent about many things but worse, also about faith. Though luckily there are also people who after having had children or after having grandchildren, start being more concerned about the evolution of this world and starting to wonder about the One behind everything.

Some people may come to think they can not do anything to change the world, and therefore they stay silent. But should we as followers of Christ just let everything happen? Should we not act when we certain matters go wrong? Should we not come up for the people who have no voice or who are in trouble?

Real followers of Christ should have “Fire in their heart”. Like Christ Jesus they should defend the poor, weak and needy. Like Jesus they should dare to tell others about the heavenly Father. Like Jesus we should not be stumbling blocks for others but should be welcoming people around us, showing them that we now have a mediator by God who defends us?

Let us never forget that Jesus put his own will aside to do the Will of God. He unselfishly sacrificed himself by giving his life as a ransom for all sinners. We too should come to do not our own will, but the Will of God.

Many having thought a lot about the death should now come to think more about the living. Our focus should go to those who still live and can change. For those who are death it is too late. Choosing for God and repenting has to be done for it is too late. Before we face the end of our life we must have made the right choice. It is on that choice that Jesus shall come to judge us, when he returns to judge the living and the dead.

Let us therefore be ready for that day. Let us every day live as is it the last day of our life, making sure that we are ready to come in front of Jesus, to be allowed to enter the small gate of the Kingdom of God.



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