Not waiting until something serious happens in the life of those around us

The world has lots of people wondering about life, afterlife, and about different sorts of powers manipulating or influencing life.

When growing up people are confronted with a lot of questions they would love to see answered. Some of them they shall never find answered. Others may receive a dissatisfying answer, whilst other questions in the end seem to be solved so evidently or easily.

In previous centuries many wondered about higher powers which would be the manipulators of what is going on, on earth. This century finds mankind not so much interested in what is behind everything. As long as they can live happily with all the material they love to have, they do not worry.

When something goes wrong they are quick to blame God, though before such impacting event they did not think about God or even thought it was all bullocks.

We should not let those people having to wait until something serious happens in their life. It is up to those who do know that there is a Divine Creator, to convince others of that fact. It is up to the believers in God and in God’s son to show others that Jesus is the way to God.

The world has to know it is getting time that more people have to hear the Good News of the coming Kingdom of God, but also about the tribulations we might expect to come. The “good things of ever” shall only come after when enough preaching shall be offered to the world and everybody has had the opportunity to choose for the way to go, right or wrong – no in-between.

We can find lots of people who as part of tradition are a member of one or another church. Most of them never come to question if they would be in the right church or if they would be following the right faith or right belief. Only when they get older coming to an age to retire they start wondering about the things they did in life and the things they did believe, but about which they then have so many doubts.

They should know it is never to late to take up the Bestseller of all times, the Book of books, the Bible, to come to read it from the first page to the last page and to study what is really written in it.

Did you ever doubted your faith or church?
Have you ever thought if you were following the Words and Commandments of God, or do you prefer to stick to a traditional church with its own Church doctrines?

Please, do not show procrastination, but take matters into your own hands and investigate whether you do indeed maintain the true faith.
Do not wait until later years, but start tackling the matter now.

Perhaps it is also not bad to think about previous Christians and to consider what they had to undergo in their search for the Truth. Today there is not such a danger for life when one wants to read the Bible, so there is nothing which would have to hold you back.


Preceding: Fullness of summer and abundance of harvest found in the satisfying plenitude of life in Christ


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