Wanting for more than you need or hearing the Inviting encouragement

The youngsters are already at school from the first of September and from October the first the university students are back on track whilst retired people went off to look for some extra sunshine and to have a more affordable holiday time.

All those people, young and old, have their aspirations and do hope their dreams would be fulfilled. Though the retired people sometimes look back at their life and find they did not succeed in what they had hoped to reach. Best would be if they could see, though they wanted to reach a higher point, perhaps a better path was taken to bring them to a better place now.

Today, everywhere we can see frustrated people or hear

What for use is it?

Many people have lost eyesight for the goal to reach. The majority of people do not want to know about a godly plan. Lots of people are forgotten that

We are what we eat.

We are what we think.

Our life is made up by our thoughts. After “making our brains free and clean again”, in the Summer holiday time, many want to start afresh. Though we may not forget that:

Our definitions, beliefs, and limitations are making sure that we continue to be who we are right now, and now, and now, on and on.

Many would love to be some one else than they are. But are they willing to work enough at their own “I”. In what way are they willing to confront their own thinking and look at their position (their stand) in this world? In which way to they want to confront with others and come to see they should not always blame others for what goes wrong in their own life. Often people suffer from their own minds while blaming others and their circumstances, never questioning their own beliefs and limitations about those circumstances and others.

Often people want more than they really need.

The Nazarene master-teacher Jeshua (Jesus) said that there is one thing needful. We must choose the wiser of the two. It’s our choice to believe the truth and rest in what God’s word says. The blessing is in trusting in Jesus Christ and his empowering grace.

We should see that there is something special offered to us. We may not become deaf or blind because the world tries to blind us with all sorts of things and tries to deafen us for the Word of God. But that infallible Word of God, has withstood the troubles and enmity of the world. It has stayed in its purity, unchanged, for everybody who wants to hear it, to to hear it and to find a better life by it.

By reading it regularly the reader shall receive necessary spiritual food. With the manna of the Word the person shall grow and find an enriched life. He shall come to understand that our relationship and our salvation are here and now.

God has presented His Word and salvation by His only begotten son. He has become our salvation. We are living in it, moment by moment. Each day is a gift. Each prayer session a source of blessed communion.

Walk in his abundant joy today by choosing to abide in him and wait on him.

A photo (not a painting) of a real hot air balloon created by a renowned European craftsman. He dreamed it and built it!


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