Cap 3000 a Valhalla blinding consumers

On my last day at the Cote d’Azur I at our walk in Saint Laurant du Var we also went walking in a huge shopping centre Cap 3000, opposite the airport Nice Cote d’Azur.

a veritable institution at the heart of the French Riviera: a shopping mall in a fabulous location, standing on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

Located on the western edge of Nice, right next to the international airport

It offers an attractive and diversified range of shops for all the family, from major high-street names to small boutiques. There’s something for all tastes and all budgets! You can meander through the mall until 9pm from Monday to Saturday

“Valhalla” (1905) by Emil Doepler

At the moment it has 180 shops in a magnificent building, which is being made to a much bigger place, with an additional two floors full of shops. When walking through the beautiful shopping mall I felt in the Walhalla of mankind or Valhalla, a splendid palace, roofed with shields, where the warriors feast on the flesh of a boar slaughtered daily and made whole again each evening. They drink liquor that flows from the udders of a goat, and their sport is to fight one another every day. It is the grand place for lust and indulgence, where today is not thought of the Ragnarök or Doomsday.

So many people have to work hard for the wages they might get, but here it looks like all those walking around have enough money to spend for hours in hundreds of attracting shops.

For sure all those people seem to trust in all those things or gadgets beautifully presented in those places which cry to come in and feel as if you can be the honourable guest of fortune.

Having walked through that “Palace of abundance” or better “superabundance” I could not resist looking at a lot of people who have their heart sold to all those material products but have no eye for what can not be seen.

At the Biblestudents you can read how Jesus fed many people and shall be able to read (from 2018, October 19) about Jesus who once more was concerned about real hungry people (Matthew 15:32-39 – The Nazarene’s Commentary: 4000 Fed). There too there was a material problem, food or something for the stomach. Though in the gospels we also receive the lesson for more important food, whereof not many seem to think about today. Most people are not hungering for the right things (James 4:3).  Their eyes and heart are focused on the material things of this world. Consumption has become the new god today, after we had money as the new god entering our world from the golden 1960ies. Money and consumption are the male and female god who feel very nice together and who have a better marriage than most couples today. They are namely a very jealous couple which like to get people to want for more and more all the time,getting them into a state of never feeling to have enough.

The Mammon or god of this world has the Dollars and Euros flying in the air,many people jumping up to catch them, for soon going to spend them, often on things they really do not need or which pollute our world further. (Think of all those capsules of Nespresso for example.)

What is most important for many today is that they can enjoy their life with as many gadgets and handy tools as possible. Many go about their lives feeding on the thoughts of their own mind and of their greed. Anxieties, worries, and cares of this life creep in and rob us of the One Who Looks at this world and can see how man does not really want to see Who and what is important for their life and future. I wondered how many would feel His abiding presence.

If we feed on sports, worldly entertainment, social media, material wealth, creature comforts and trivia, is it no wonder that we hunger for those things rather than the things of God?

These days in the Provence I could enjoy beautiful countrysides, lovely small villages, like Tourettes sur Loup, Saint Paul de Vence, etc. and the lovely city Nice where like in many French places people did not take away their dog droppings. In those bigger places we could see many clustered at their phone or walking like they do not like the day, or are taken away from the world by the music from their earphones. Feeding themselves with worldly entertainment, social media, material wealth, creature comforts and trivia.

Clearly we could feel to be in a world where the hunger was or is on other things than the spiritual, though we encountered many Buddha sculptures and yoga places.

Wherever we look around us we can see that in this world many have grown cold by feasting on the things of the flesh and therefore no longer hunger for God. Lots of people love to be filled, but are focussing on things which pass or have limited value. They are filled with worldliness and are thus deceived into being comfortable and contented (Rev. 3:17-18).

When we see how at several occasions Jesus took care for the people around him, we notice how God was with Jesus and provided enough food for the crowd. Throughout history of mankind we can find examples where God was with His people and took care of them.

We should not be afraid. Even when we have not a filled purse, God shall take care that we would be able to manage. His Word and His blessings shall provide for those things we really need in life.
At all times we should not forget that He is the Maker and Provider, the Rock and our Protector.

When people “rend their hearts” and turn back to God (Joel 2:13) God shall receive them with open arms. As any Father would do, He shall look for the best of His children. But as any Father He also would like to be recognised and respected as Father.

We must seek Jehovah God for who He is and not what He can provide. As we devote ourselves to prayer and His word, we will begin to sense His presence and draw near to Him.

From the gospels we learn that God provided a man,who not only could speak in the name of God but also act in the name of God. By believing in that sent one from God, as the scripture says, will have rivers of living water flowing from his inmost heart. (John 7:38) If much more people would know the generosity of God and who Jesus is, they would be feeling much better and would appreciate others with the same fate with the knowledge or certitude that together they can count on Jesus giving us  fresh, living water, so that we should not be thirsty any more. Because the water Jesus gives will be an artesian spring within, gushing fountains of endless life. (John 4:10; John 4:14)  Therefore let us look for a better meal than the one offered by all those consumer needy tents. Let us remember that Jesus said,

“I am the Bread of Life. The person who aligns with me hungers no more and thirsts no more, ever.
(John 6:35)


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