Praying For What We Want or Don’t Want

“If we examine our motives honestly,
we will usually find that there is some sort of fear inspiring our prayers.
We are afraid of something.
And we are asking to be protected from whatever we are afraid of.

The fear that inspires us to pray actually gives us the most significant clue in our efforts to understand an unanswered prayer.

When our prayers aren’t answered the way we want them to be,
we often have to experience the things of which we were afraid.

We are forced to confront our fear.”

~~John Welshons, When Prayers Aren’t Answered

Dutch version: Bidden voor wat we willen of niet willen


  1. Worship and worshipping
  2. Continuing Paul’s Prayer Requests
  3. Holiness and expression of worship coming from inside
  4. Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God
  5. Only worhsip the Creator of all things


  • Questions About Prayer (
    As Christians, we say we believe that the Creator of the universe invites us to talk to Him at anytime and in any place. Yet we rarely take time to accept this invitation. There could be numerous reasons why we don’t pray.
  • How you can go from “saying” your prayers to “praying” your prayers… (
    When we are speaking of prayer, if we ourselves are prone to impersonal expressions, might that indicate a challenge that we need to address in our own faith lives? Might it reflect that our relationship with the Lord is also impersonal and thus maybe less than a living relationship?

  • Your prayers worked. Are you sure? (
    Does prayer “work” and “not work”?

    Let us begin by recognising that we are not going to get to a definitive answer in this brief comment, at least not one that will satisfy everyone.  Prayer is too vast a subject for definitive answers at the best of times.  Our answers would also depend on what we meant by “prayer” and by “work”.

  • Friday, August 17, 2012 @ Daniel 7-12 (
    Daniel’s fervent prayer for his people and for his city of Jerusalem arrests me as I read it, reminding me of the need for continual prayer for my city, for my nation.  Because of Israel’s gross sins, Daniel didn’t ask for undeserved help for His people – he asked for God’s mercy.  I, too, cry for mercy.  Don’t give us what we deserve, Lord.
  • Organizing the Inside – Day 346 Practice Wisdom and Get Results (
    Do you want your prayers to be effective? Don’t expect God to answer your prayers when your life is in shambles because of the way you’ve been living.

    When we walk in wisdom our prayers of faith will get results.

  • Books You Read To God (
    I’ve always felt that prayers were a type of poetry. Some of the most beautiful words I’ve read were arranged in prayer to God. Offerings, if you will. In reading these various prayers, I often find myself actually praying, which is a good thing!
  • Prayer Voice (
    How many of you imagine a big, booming, deep, slow speaking voice when you think about God talking to Moses. We don’t really want to think that God sounds like George Burns in the movie, “O God.”
  • A Morning Prayer… (
    I want to share with you my prayer this morning, because I think that you might identify with it.
    I want my prayer to sound beautiful and eloquent, using words and phrases that sound righteous and romantic so that I might impress You.  I want my prayer to sound religious and put together, saying the right things and praying the right way so that You can see how holy I am.  I want my prayer to sound humble and thoughtful toward others, because I want you to think that I’m humble and unselfish.

    But in praying like that, Father, I don’t really find You.

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